Zambia to charge for internet call

Dora Siliya

Government has projected to raise US$ 22 million annually through the collection of the 30 ngwee tariff on internet calls.
During its sitting on 13th August, 2018, Cabinet resolved to introduce a 30 Ngwee per day tariff on internet phone calls following an increase in its use at the expense of traditional phone calls.
Transport and Communication Minister, Brian Mushimba says the money that will be collected will be channelled to improve infrastructure and create more jobs for the Zambian people.

Speaking during a media briefing, Mr Mushimba said the 30 ngwee is inconsequential because the people who are using such services will not even feel the pain.
He adds that Cabinet has also approved the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cybercrime bill that will repeal and replace certain parts of the clauses and sections contained in the electronic communications and transactions Act number 20 of 2009.

Speaking at the same briefing, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Dora Siliya says the decision to introduce 30 ngwee tariff on internet calls is not meant to punish Zambians.
Ms. Siliya says the new tariff is to encourage Zambian citizens to use traditional means of making phone calls.
She has also clarified that the new tariff only applies internet phone calls and does not affect Social Media.