Another Zambian video goes viral

criminal records, crime, arrest, court
criminal records, crime, arrest, court

Police have appealed for help from anyone with information on people behind the production and circulation on social media of a locally-made sex video featuring a distinctively identified woman having sex with an unknown man.

Sources say the woman is believed to be an employee of a local commercial bank.
The woman’s face and the sexual act are clear in the video, which appears to have been shot in an office.
Acting police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has told the Sunday Mail that the service’s cybercrime unit will work with the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book.
“We will involve ZICTA and whoever is found wanting will be charged for circulation of obscene material with intent to corrupt public morals, contrary to section 177(1) of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia,” she said.

The offence carries a maximum of five years imprisonment.
“Any person who takes part or has in their possession obscene material which can be in writing, drawing, painting, printed matter, pictures, posters, photographs and cinematography films or any manner whatsoever and puts them in circulation is liable for prosecution,” Mrs Katongo said.
She said though many sex websites are not hosted in Zambia, there are provisions in the law to prosecute anyone who conveys, exports, imports or causes to export or import; or takes part in the circulation of the obscene material.
“Our appeal to the Zambian people is that let them be responsible and do right things. If something is wrong, let them do what the law says. If a wrong thing is legal in another country, let them go and do such things in other countries.  We won’t condone that.

“Anyone who knows people behind this video should come forward and we will keep their particulars in confidence. Looking at the nature of the offence, even if no complainant comes forward to lodge a complaint, the State can still be a complainant,” she said.
The woman in the video appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s and some sources say she is married with children but it is not clear if she was having sex with her husband in the video.
Another sex video that recently went viral is that of a woman stripped naked and verbally and physically abused by unknown men and women for allegedly committing adultery.
The police have offered a K5,000 reward for any information that will lead to the arrest of those behind the production and circulation of the video.

Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Stil even if the government finds the culprit they always dnt do anything they end up freeing the law breakers and this gives courage to people to do awful things over and over against without fear. What has the government done to iris kaingu and booby scene? Totally nothing so evn if they invov zicta no good wil come out unLess if they start punishing the culprites

  2. Here in malawi we do
    it but we dont make
    its audio manje vipezeka m’ma CD

  3. The woman striped and beaten is a mufulira. Video and a name of a police man was mentioned y cnt the police trace tht name

  4. The people watching these vids are already corrupt I mean people are literally leaving their numbers so they can be sent the video.

    Leave that woman alone and just legalise pornography. The money that comes from it can go a long way in zed.

  5. I also want to have a look….anyone to what’s app the video please. +260969476107

  6. Its definitely in Zambia. For everyone claiming its not, you can’t be smarter than the police here.

  7. Legalize porn…just love it, as do all the guys asking for video to be sent via watsup.

    I will continue enjoying right here in Zambia. To hell with the moralists. Mind your own business!

  8. NOOOO! Zambians, being the lovely neighbours of the warmest heart of Africa ( Malawi) can not engage themselves in such an immoral sorowful and incomprehensible action… I think those taking part in tainting the bright cv of Zambia may be considered Zambians worst enemies, aiming at taking the Zambians peaciful minds into a sea of chaos. Im hating this please, LET ZAMBIA SHINE WITH THE HOLY DEVINE….. GOD MAY HELP ZAMBIA IN AGITATING THE OUTLANDISH IMMORALITY….

  9. that video is not Zambian nor Nigerian. .in fact its months old and the lady is believed to be of Ghanaian origin but working in Tanzania as a bank manager. .old news.

  10. 5k?? guys im goin to shoot my own video then my yung bro gets me arrested my uncle z a snr man in the police force helps get the files disappear, jus lyk that im RICH! lol

    • Pipo u wnt pornographs what’s for ooolo ni ma investigations its not about asking for videos from the people no ,just type the video you want from google and upload it you watch..and the question will follow you:
      Where did you get this and why did you kept in your mobile phone ,,,,,,……m

  11. Althrough u caugh them u don’t put them mu prison like kanene,just find something to do.

  12. Why seeking information from the public when you know the woman involved.

  13. police shud investigate those dropn their whatapp lines wanting the video, i think they have a lot of pornographic materials in their phones

  14. that video wasn’t zambia accordin to the police and other media agencys

  15. Zambia is not a ‘moral’ nation. what we have are a bunch of people who pay lip service to christianity and morals when they’re out in public, or on sundays with scripture and hymn facebook status updates. what we have are old men walking the streest talking about how youths are corrupted as they whatsapp college girls and send drinks to shady tables. what we have are women saying morality is dead as they hate on each other and refuse to support, teach and stand by one another. what we have are youth who look at the example that their promiscous fathers and lazzier-faire mothers set in secret and decide “to hell with it”. what we have is a country proclaiming morality and christianity in royal purple robes banging bibles and preaching on street corners while under those cloaks lies a disease ridden, frail, ailing body. moral standing. ha! please.

  16. i also work in a bank pliz send me the video via e-mail [email protected] or watsup on 0968679188 mayb i might be able to identify the person en grub that 5 grand offer.

  17. Police is dull with investigation…they depend on extorting information by beating not skillful intellectual investigative tactics…the other thing they can do is to sit and announce….whoever has information bla bla bla…dot com…

  18. Am sure zambia has proper ways of doing its investigations and if at all this video was made in zambia or if the lady involved in the video works for one of the comecal banks in zambia then its not even as complicated as it sounds to bring the people(involved) to book.

  19. there is a new one showing a young zambian lady dancing naked…..ladies fyeee,awe sure

  20. Zambian police, investigating a video from west Africa. Find something else to keep you busy ba police

  21. And no one seems to have the same video . I’m told that happened in 2011 but some pipo claim its new.

  22. pliz i also wnt 2 hv look at de video.any gud samaritan 2 whtsaap 2 0977711184.pliz aw appriciate.

    • Why do you someone to whatsapp the video, you have just read that it’s is sex video, and you want to watch it ? If that’s the case you are equally morally corrupt. Surely
      where is our society going?

  23. people tht wsnt even in Zambia.That’s in nigeria.Tht womans video went viral after sh had a misunderstanding with th boyfriend….Sh works 4a known financial institution in nigeria… prove this,yu cn luk it up on th net. search for leaked pictures of nigerian banker….So people pliz stop atributin this video 2th Zambian people and givin them a bad name

  24. We shall see, if ZICTA is very serious wit wrk. Since they hv our sim registrations, they can even trace such pipo. They only proscute politicians here is the real challenge thrown on their face.

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