Mines Minister Promises Resolution of KCM Closure Challenges

Paul Kabuswe
Paul Kabuswe

Mines Minister, Paul Kabuswe, has assured the public that the government is dedicated to resolving the challenges that led to the closure of KCM. During a public meeting in Chililabombwe District, Mr. Kabuswe disclosed that consultations with mine unions and other stakeholders are underway to find a lasting solution that will satisfy all parties involved.

He emphasized that the government would not permit the mine to remain closed, as it would negatively impact the livelihoods of people in Chililabombwe, who rely on the mines for employment and resources. The closure of KCM was due to several factors, including a high level of indebtedness, threats of insolvency, lack of investment in developing new ore sources, failure to adopt cost-effective production methods, and a lack of a strategic plan to improve operations. Mr. Kabuswe assured the public that the government is working tirelessly to resolve the current challenges at KCM.

At the same meeting, Mr. Kabuswe praised President Hakainde Hichilema for his efforts in introducing free education, which has enabled children in rural and peri-urban areas to access education. He acknowledged the President’s leadership in providing additional funds through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to purchase desks and construct more classroom blocks, catering to the children who were once on the streets.

Accompanying Mr. Kabuswe to the public meeting was President Hakainde Hichilema, who reiterated his commitment to improving the lives of Zambians through various developmental projects.

This news was sourced from Lusaka Times.