Mazoe safe for consumption

Mazoe Orange Crush is manufactured by Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited under licence from the Coca-Cola Company

LUSAKA 11 August, 2018. Following concerns over safety of some food that went viral on social media, the Government through the Ministry of Health would like to set records straight.
First of all, we would like to inform the public that the results from the samples of imported Mazoe drink analysed, indicated that key parameters complied with the relevant statutory requirements, making it fit for human consumption.
There was also a concern on Blue Band Spread; the preliminary results on key features assessed so far complied with the applicable statutory standards.

This, therefore, means that both products are fit for human consumption and the public should not panic.
Arising from the concerns, the Ministry is working hard to ensure that Public Health Security is enhanced in the area of food safety.
You may wish to know that food safety is regulated by the Ministry of Health through the Food and Drugs Act Chapter 303 of the laws of Zambia.

The Act provides for the protection of the Public against health hazards and fraud in the sale and use of food. Therefore, this is a very huge task as food is consumed by everyone.
The measures put up to ensure that food is safe for human consumption throughout the food chain include;
Recruitment of more field and laboratory staff responsible for food safety.
Food sampling and analysis has been intensified Ensuring that food being exported and imported meet the relevant food Safety standards.
Engagement of various key stakeholders on issues of food safety.
It must be emphasized that food safety is a collective responsibility which entails that key stakeholders like food importers, exporters, Government and Non-Governmental Organisations, the public and individuals should ensure the food being sold or bought is safe for human consumption.

Lastly, we would like to assure the public that the Ministry of Health will continue working with all stakeholders to ensure that food safety is promoted.
Issued by:
Minister of Health