Victim of PF hacking dies – Kambwili [UPDATED]

Victim of PF hacking dies - Kambwili

LATEST: Kambwili’s supporter not dead, alive and discharged from UTH – Police

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said police have consulted with both UTH management as well as parents of 22 year old Sibeso Kufekisa, and noted that he was alive and discharged from UTH on Wednesday.


I just received the most devastating news from Lusaka and it has made me extremely upset with the current state of our country. The passerby who was mistaken for an NDC youth because he wore an orange T-shirt has sadly passed away as he was butchered during the time Panga wielding PF youths from inter-city branch came to hack my supporters.

The innocent man who was not part of the NDC was brutally murdered in full view of the police. The man in question is the gentleman that was in the video that circulated on social media as citizens attended to him after being butchered with machetes. I know that the police will not make any arrest because they know exactly who killed this innocent man, but what I want to emphasize is that God does not sleep on his children.

The PF killers now have blood on their hands and the PF leadership are held responsible for this innocent mans loss of life. The level of intolerance for divergent views has reached a point of no return and the PF leaders are prepared to kill or do whatever is needed to hang on to power so that they can disguise their corrupt wealth. Whoever organized those PF youths to come and kill people must be battling with their conscience and they must be arrested for murder.

Zambians let us say no to this brutality and impunity because by the time elections are being held, we will lose more lives at the hands of greedy PF leaders.

May the soul of the departed Rest In Peace and as NDC we will try our level best to lend a helping hand to the mourning family.

Politics and power should not make us lose our humanity.