I am overwhelmed by the love and support. I am humbled by this incredible gesture by my people
I am overwhelmed by the love and support. I am humbled by this incredible gesture by my people

.. let Kalaba leave PF now so that he can test his popularity in Bahati, we will not allow Kalaba to divide structures

LUAPULA Town Council Chairpersons have disowned rebel PF Member of Parliament for Bahati Constituency Harry Kalaba following his continued attacks on the government.

Following his resignation from Cabinet as Foreign Affairs Minister Kalaba has launched attacks on the PF government saying corruption had characterised it.

Two weeks ago Kalaba working with Chipili Constituency MP Jewis Chabi staged his welcome party by busing people from across Luapula to gather at Mansa Airport where he made political pronouncements.

On a Mansa radio station, Kalaba called on Zambians to ‘go out and claim back your country’ which he said was mismanaged by the current leaders.

But the PF civic leaders in Luapula have broken silence for the first time since Kalaba resigned and disowned him for rebelling against the party.

Chienge Town Council Chairperson Mpundu Mwape who described Kalaba as a sponsored politician said he and his counterparts would not tolerate Kalaba’s divisive behaviour.

Mwape said Luapula Province needed more development than petty politics.

He said the PF in the Province would always rally behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

“The people of Luapula need development, not politics. Development has been seen across Luapula. It’ s unfair to claim there is no development. For the first time Luapula has seven Ministers and if they fail to deliver it’s not President Lungu’s fault. We need the Kashikishi – Lunchinda road not politics,” said Mwape.

And Milenge Town Council Chairperson said Kalaba’s resignation had not shaken the PF as the foundation of the ruling party was still intact.

Mr. challenged Kalaba to resign from the party and run in the Parliamentary by – elections to test his popularity.