Congolese pastor fined for forgery, illegal stay

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

Congolese pastor fined K10, 000 for illegal stay in Zambia
Kapiri-Mposhi, January 26, 2018, ZANIS—A 37-year-old Congolese pastor has been fined K 10, 000 or face four month simple imprisonment in default for illegally entering and staying in Zambia.
Before Kapiri Mposhi Magistrate, Obrien Katyamba, was Rizisha Mukengeza a Congolese national from Lubumbashi who was charged with one count of illegal stay in Zambia contrary to sections 11(3) 52(1) and 56 of the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia.

Facts before the court were that Mukengeza, who readily pleaded guilty, illegally entered Zambia in 2008 and stayed in the country without legal documents.
Pastor Mukengeza was arrested by National Immigrations officers on 17th January 2018 in an operation and was found in possession of a forged National Registration Card purporting to have permitted him legal stay in Zambia.
In passing judgment, Magistrate Katyamba said it had become common for foreigners to illegally enter and stay in Zambia adding that there was need for the court to met out stiffer punishment to deter would be offenders.
Magistrate Katyamba therefore fined him K 10, 000 or four month simple imprisonment in default after which he should be deported to his country of origin.