ZICTA implements cyber-crime measures


Zambia Information Communications and Technology Authority (ZICTA) says measures have been put in place to fight cyber-crime.
ZICTA Director for Consumer Protection and Information Management, Ngabo Nakonde said sensitization programs have been put in place to ensure online protection.

She disclosed that ZICTA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bank of Zambia to handle mobile money complaints and UNICEF to sensitize the public.
Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Ms. Nakonde said cyber security experts are working closely with the Zambia Police to bring the perpetrators to book.
She said levels of carelessness and irresponsibility of people on social media is worrisome and there is need to intensify protective actions.

Ms. Nakonde said cyberspace if used correctly, is a good tool to help enhance business and people should take advantage of social media to market their business rather than using it to commit a crime such as theft and cyber bullying.
She said cyber-crime is a crime like any other and invites a penalty of over 10 years imprisonment.
Ms. Nakonde has further appealed to members of the public and the media to help in forewarning people of this crime.