Police arrest Youth leader for hosting aerobics class – Will Bally Fix it?

David Chishimba
David Chishimba



After successfully hosting aerobics in conjunction with Fitness Cyborg, Big Tree Beverages, Kalulushi Fitness group and Chambishi Aerobics at Patterson Opposite Sir Jack with a massive turnout, I was arrested around 19:45hrs on Friday 12th November, 2021 and charged with Conduct likely to cause breach of peace. What happened was that on Friday 5th November, 2021 I took the letter to Kalulushi Police Station to inform them that we were going to have aerobics on Friday 12th November, 2021. But I was advised that I should first get the permit from council then attach it with the letter I took to the police.

So I wrote to council and and the Town clerk and other Relevant officers signed the letter. I then took it to public health. The permit delayed to be processed, however we were given permission to go ahead with the event by council. So the mistake we made was that we didn’t take the letter back to Kalulushi Police station for filling. So when the Police got to hear of the event, they didn’t have official records of the event.
Regardless, what I assumed was that since it was a community benefit program where the community participated overwhelmingly and were given free bottles of water and drinks, we wouldn’t be penalized. But I learned that day that the law doesn’t assume, it deals with evidence and paperwork but I think at some point, where someone does something in good faith, the police can apply humanity as opposed to law.
I was released that night around 22:00 Hrs and was cautioned and warned. I was told to go back the following day to give a statement. When I reached the police station, the Station inspector Immediately ordered his junior officers to have me rearrested, without exchanging any words. I was surprised at this development but I just complied. However I was released today Sunday, 14th November, 2021 after spending a night in police custody.


I believe that when life throws you a lemon, you should make lemonade.
When I was in police custody, I realized that Kalulushi Police Station looks good from outside up to the reception and offices. But the walls of the holding cells are filthy and need panting. To this effect, we will have a number of fundraising activities such as a Flundraising walk, where we will walk from Civic centre to Luato market(Main Market).


The mayor of Kalulushi, His worship Doubt Simama came to visit me on Sunday morning when I was in custody. In his company was the deputy mayor Hon Shimishi who is also the councilor for Buseko Ward and Hon Musukwa, the councilor for Chembe ward. They all encouraged me to stay strong and Continue with the good works in the community but also advised me to follow proper procedures when doing community work to avoid inconveniences.
Several family members, friends and colleagues came to visit me during this trying time. I would like to take this time to appreciate everyone who came to encourage and show support when I was in the devil’s belly.


There are three holding cells at Kalulushi Police Station. Two for males and one for females. The chain of command has got nothing to do with age or social status in society, it’s about the bold and ruthless, those who are ready and willing to put up a fist fight any time. M was commanding cell one and Gn was commanding cell two. He was fair but managed to put everyone in check through intimidation. I believe he has a lot of experience commanding obedience and he was able to inspire it with whoever went in.


We played the draft game the whole day that I almost didn’t notice time passing. I didn’t get to ask the name of the reigning champion whom I found there but he was putting on a T-shirt with inscriptions Think big, O2. I immediately usurped him by beating him 2-0. For the whole time I was in police custody up to the time I was released, I only lost twice. There were about 5 good players I was playing with.


The oldest in the Cells was Mr F who was 58 years old, the youngest was G, who was 19 years old. Today, Sunday 14th November, 2021, we received members from various churches who came to minister to us. They chose G to lead with the choir. He was quite good with leading the choir. I could see him lit up. Sometimes I could see him singing loudly with his eyes closed and pointing in the air towards heaven, he was in the zone. At this point, even martin joined and was singing passionately.
Others managed to give their lives to Jesus Christ the same day. I say the mission for the ministers was accomplished.

The Struggle continues
Victory is certain.
David Chishimba
Association of Unemployed Youths President
Kalulushi Sports Council Coordinator
Kalulushi Youth Coordinator
Kalulushi Arts Council Coordinator
District Youth Development Council organiser