11 year old girl narrates mother’s infidelity in court

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl of Kalewa Barracks in Ndola exposed her mother’s philandering ways in the Chifubu local court when she narrated in detail how a man would come to visit each time her father was out of town for operations.
The juvenile narrated that her mother Jaquelin Kasumba, 30, used to take Kaluba Chiwayu straight to her matrimonial bedroom while the children remained in the sitting room watching television at night.
The girl was narrating in a case in which her father Dilon Yamba, 39, a soldier of Kalewa barracks sued Chiwayu, 30, a fellow soldier for compensation for adultery. The court heard that Chiwayu impregnated Yamba’s wife Kasumba.
She told local court presiding magistrates Agnes Mulenga and local court magistrate Kaala Nyambe that out of anger towards their mother mother’s extra marital affair, her sibling decided to smear faecal matter on Chiwayu’s car.
“That man (pointing at Chiwayu in dock) used to visit mom at our house at night. They would go to her bedroom where they would spend a night and he would only leave the house the next morning 05: 00hours,” she said.
Yamba told the court when he went to Nchelenge for operations for 11 months he was tipped by his colleagues about his wife’s promiscuous behaviour.
“I was told she looks pregnant. I called my elder sister and confided in her. I also instructed her to visit my wife and confirm suspicions about her pregnancy. My wife confessed to my sister that she was indeed pregnant.
I confronted her when I returned and she confessed to me as well. But the pregnancy later disappeared,” he said.
However, Chiwayu vehemently denied having an affair with Yamba’s wife and demanded for evidence over his affair with Kasumba.
The court upheld the claim and reprimanded Kasumba for her behaviour and bringing a man into her matrimonial home in the presence of her children.
The court ordered Chiwayu to pay Yamba K10,000 as compensation for adultery with an initial payment of K1,500 to be paid on February 20 to be followed by monthly instalments of K500.