No prostitute in marriage, court tells women

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

HER decision to go clubbing during the festive period without her husband’s permission has landed a Chipata housewife in court.
Elizabeth Nyirenda, 27, was sued for divorce in the Chipata local court by her husband Musa Mwanza, 30, of Nabvutika township
Mwanza, a security guard narrated before local Court magistrate Emmanuel Mumba that on Christmas Eve last year he left for work leaving Nyirenda at home to care for the family.
“The following morning, I came home only to be told by my neighbours that she went out drinking and partying after I left for work. I am a guard and I was on night shift on Christmas Eve,” he said.
Mwanza said after being tipped by his neighbours, he decided to ask his children who confirmed that Nyirenda had indeed gone out on Christmas Eve.
“My children confirmed that she locked them in the house around 19 hours and only returned home after midnight on Christmas Day in a drunkard state. My children told me that she was brought home that day by unknown people because she was too drunk to walk on her own,” she said.
The visibly annoyed Mwanza said he tried confronting Nyirenda who was still in bed at the time about her escapades.
“She told me that she had gone out to celebrate the birth of the Lord at East Point with her friends,” he said.
Mwanza said at that point he decided to inform his family members about the matter because since they got married in 1999 his wife never tested alcohol. A family meeting was later convened where Mwanza said Nyirenda admitted her mistake.
But unhappy with the family’s decision, Mwanza said he decided to sue for divorce.
Nyirenda admitted going out for clubbing and drinking but insisted that she went to celebrate the birth of the lord in style.
She begged the court not to dissolve her marriage because she has learnt her lesson.
The court reconciled the couple and advised Nyirenda to stop behaving like a prostitute as she wants to remain married.
She was also ordered to pay Mwanza K100 as compensation.