President Lungu invites all Zambians to attend signing of constitution amendment bill


President Edgar Lungu has invited all Zambians from across the country to be part of the signing of the constitution amendment bill at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium slated for Tuesday January 5,2015.

The President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has revealed that Mr. Lungu has also invited people from all the ten provinces to attend the momentous ceremony.


He has told ZNBC News in an exclusive interview in Lusaka that the President is delivering a promise that has been eluding Zambians for many years.


Mr. Chanda adds that President Lungu’s decision to sign the constitution bill which contains the 50 percent plus one , running mate and dual citizenship clauses is the most courageous decision taken by a Zambian President.


He has since appealed to all Zambians to turn up for the festivities meant to start at 11:00hrs with the signing slated for 15:00hrs.


Mr. Chanda adds that Cabinet has informed the President that preparations have already started and will also include military honours.


He says the amended constitution when signed into law will preserve money which would have been used on protracted conversations regarding the constitution.


Meanwhile Some governance stakeholders have welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s assenting to the constitution amendment bill, set for Tuesday, January 5, 2016.


Zambia Center for Inter-Party Dialogue -ZCID- Executive Director, Harace Chilando says the President’s decision to assent the constitution amendment bill is progressive.


Mr. Chilando has since advised people not to disparage what has been achieved this far in the constitution making process, saying it is good that contentious issues have been absorbed.


He was speaking to ZNBC news in Lusaka.


And Anti-Voter Apathy Project -AVAP- Executive Director, Richwell Mulwani has supported Mr. Chilando’s position, however calls for violence-free elections this year.


Mr. Mulwani has further praised President Lungu’s decision to assent the constitution amendment bill, as promised when he was voted as Zambia’s 6th head of state.




  1. Go go pf. Mr president sigh the constitution and. You will remain the president for whole zambian.this coming election.

  2. Shame to all the doubting Thomas of the constitution, I know that if not all ,but some opposition political parties are now crying foul because delivery of the peoples driven constitution has been their only campaign strategy.

  3. People hve been crying for the constitution so let ecl sign in full view of the ordinary Zambians who don’t understand wat has been debated all along,the opposition is now disappointed they will hve nothing to talk about which will bring to attention of ordinary citizens.

  4. Is it TRULY a ppo driven constitution or wil it only favour & enrich some selfish few individuals? ZAMBIA IS for all Zambians.

  5. Apa pena man Eddie wapusa. Our economy is in hospital on life support and you waste our meagre resources just for public relations? You could have saved thousands of kwacha to append your signature live on T. V. Uku Kwena kwangala man, wikabwekeshapo. To my sister Violet Zulu, you are right on. Baletutuminako ama SMS yaku ma buffet nama banquet not fye ukushili umusheto na nwe

  6. ba opposition baumfwa umwenso they thought it wasn’t coming here it is lets face it make noise all u want the rest is history

  7. when there is rallies people can move to give suport . they’ve been busy making noise on the consitition now it is time they don’t want it to be public and failling to moving . Zambian wake up and support a good leader those who are corupt leave them and they will never support your tribe so it is a wake up call, for all .

  8. What is a constitution..? I believe its a supreme law of the land.. Now i would like to analyse the situation here.. 1. If the constitution was signed at state house, money wouldn’t have been spent as people are putting it..but critics would have arose that PF is signing the constitution which is supposed to be for the people.. 2. The constitution which will stand for the test of time is been signed at a neutral ground and open to all..people are still thinking of wasting money..really how much will be spent in proportion to a document which will stand a test of time and beneficial to the next generation.. At times i wonder, am a critic to some of the issues PF does but this one is not for PF alone its for long have we been waiting for a new constitution.. If a Father in a home who has been at unza and has been failing for years and finally gets his sure even if that home was in poverty the Father can sacrifice for a little celebration..

  9. The whole country to come to the stadium for a signature wat a great idea ifintu ni lungu

  10. How many people are expected n d how much money in terms of allowances is involved?

  11. It’s a thousand times easier to criticize than to create.That’s why critics are never problem solvers:Any fool can criticize,condemn and complain, and most do. says by Dale Carnegie, not me

  12. We all participated to make it,didn’t we? So why not be there to witness its signing? Some zambians with there bitterness syndrome. I can imagine the lamp on your throat and tomorrow his inking it. GOD punish the devil’s advocates in our nation.

  13. What is a constitution..? I believe its a supreme law of the land.. Now i would like to analyse the situation here..
    1. If the constitution was signed at state house, money wouldn’t have been spent as people are putting it..but critics would have arose that PF is signing the constitution which is supposed to be for the people..
    2. The constitution which will stand for the test of time is been signed at a neutral ground and open to all..people are still thinking of wasting money..really how much will be spent in proportion to a document which will stand a test of time and beneficial to the next generation..
    At times i wonder, am a critic to some of the issues PF does but this one is not for PF alone its for long have we been waiting for a new constitution..
    If a Father in a home who has been at unza and has been failing for years and finally gets his sure even if that home was in poverty the Father can sacrifice for a little celebration..

    • boss to God the almighty maner was free but people complained, wether good or but it is just they nature and if check propery are from oposition.

    • This is not what pipo wanted. The real document was mutilated by the pf. What is so secial about this amended constitution? He would hv signed it behind ZNBC cameras instead of worsting tax payers money. The money should have been used for something else. This president is too worstiful in the history of zambia

  14. ine ndiwaku kopala if free transport will be provided lyk it is provided to Edgar then tukesa yama tapali ubwafya

  15. Thus what his status calls for. Get used or live Zambia for a while otherwise yo complaints yasasa. Anything He does mfwe mfwe. Marubish ya vibanthu shit!

  16. r we all going 2 fit in de stadium or z it evry1 2b givn allowances? Mwadya mweka ma rubish.

  17. The consequences of october UN summit,each and every country is amending consitition,where are we heading to?,those who read the bible this not strange

  18. imwe ba longwe,you just bwatabwatafye.u demanded the people driven constitution and the pf government lead by the ever listening republican president HE.EC.lungu SC.has delivered it.nanga kanshi finshi mufwaya mwe bantu?my president,go on and do a great job which will benefit true citizens of this country.may the good lord bless you Mr BA kateka as you perform inchito ya buyantanshi.I will be there to witness.

  19. so pipo,wat z rong fo lungu to come up wit that? u no wat i oways blame yo leaders in yo political parts (opositions) wen mwanawasa ws n power,evn going to the toilet ws an issue to oposition parts.u wnt const’ especially 50 plus one, he said yes its an issue if he no it wud av bn the same bcoz lungu is presi’ evn if ni hh cikaba cimocine.amalaiti balunda ati ni cakolwa babwesa ati nicakolwa.wat do u wnt? no wonder pipo sold Jesus.ku muntu takwaba icisuma!!!!!!!

  20. I’ve deduced one thing from most of the comments here. We need serious investment in education in this country.

  21. zonda uzalema chikubabe ngati ufuna…… he going to sign and I will vote for him on August this year

  22. Thank God I have grown up and now I can see the true picture. This is the kind of behavior which I see everywhere… For example, when people die on road traffic accidents everyone will sound like they are sorry but just after that they proceed to do the same things that lead to accidents. It’s clear the country doesn’t have enough money but I see a lot of people supporting useless spending by the President. Shortly after they will be complaining about hardships etc. You should also bear in mind that this is the year when we will experience El ninho and that we need all the resources to be spent wisely. It will be hilarious for me to see people complain when they actually support the squander of resources.

  23. pliz send even the transport money or the thing they call transport and his excellence pliz make sure food is there cos I can’t stay hungry even for 2 minutes…..thank u

  24. This day will always be remembered just like the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. Blessed is our Nation!

  25. Man shall not live by bread alone but by the word.why should this be?if you think it not o.k. someone is not thinking like you and always don’t think you are special but always humble yourselfs.ECL always know and thank God because we are coming

  26. Just sign and broadcast thru ZNBC why do you want to spend so much on the 30 second issue. Failed state

  27. kwena Bazambia mwaliwama nomba tamutasha…….i ddnt see anywre written that its force u ought to attend….why comment if at all u nt attending P F we still in and in and in…….wont manage to their maself buh atleast BaLungu u hve all ma support………

  28. Expenditure is being exaggerated here compared to what people have gone through such as emotions . How do measure people’s emotions in monetary terms?

  29. It’s very interesting to hear people’s comments (positive and negative). Those who are saying that because the signing will just take 30 seconds then it’s not important to assemble is reading a book upside down. The measure and celebrations is not the signing itself, it’s the tedious process the Constitution went through.
    Examples of short time ceremonies:
    1. New year’s event
    2. Birthday’s celebration
    3. Marriage ceremony
    4. Burial ceremony ……. etc
    So please Zambians, try to think differently in this year-2016. Celebration is more abou they process than the final outcome. My thinking!!!

    • my brother u are very wise never thought of that . new year for a second we gather from our sweet home to churches and others night clubs and we shout togher at once even spending alont of money on fire works very expensive even fuel and bears but on this impotant occasion at tax payers money ,ubututu bumo no mungulu bwafya

    • my brother u are very wise never thought of that . new year for a second we gather from our sweet home to churches and others night clubs and we shout togher at once even spending alont of money on fire works very expensive even fuel and bears but on this impotant occasion at tax payers money ,ubututu bumo no mungulu bwafya

  30. How much was wasted in sitting allowances and transport on number of failed constiuences?alot of it.even collegues who opted not last time are saying tomorow s event is waste of money.

  31. Politics, democracy, and the constitution. Let the will of the 50 + 1 be full filled. So what next after signing to yu small groups so called political parties? EFYO……..!

  32. Becomng a President in Zambia it is as easy as buyng fliters in KATONDO street.tht z supose t go round people t c wht z in it nw jst invited t HERROS STADIUM t witness PF CADRES never.So this z a political strateg,so tht h starts hiz speach……His Exllence Mr micheal Chilufya sata may hs so rest in peace.Liv my Golden father alon t rest, stop includng him in yo useless Leadership.Nkoma chakaba aachi papa nkubula maanu.H z gvng MTN money t send messages t people th money tht could hv used t help th Students out there.2016 z here tuyakubona uno mwaka kuti naa muya kwiinda balombe.

  33. worst selfish president ever, spends carelessly despite our suffering! this man is not a leader

  34. Sorry BA Pipo,its not a forcing matter that you shud go n attend,some of you are jst fools who are good at condamning.I will attend and so!! Nindalama za Nyo Nyo nyoko!!!

    • Security guard wa muntu iwe that’s PF is full people like you with little reasoning. That money you will waste you can feed your starving kids

    • @ Josh Godwin, I never asked for your opinion. Panyo pako its your parents who are starving kolwe

  35. I as an individual will be ther and obvoiusly will see him signing but the carbinat will be paid just for that and you saying we serving money sory but we are not damn.

  36. I think all those complaining abt an invitation kwati kulwalafye ubushilu coz wen thez a big football much involving Zambia we receive such messages inviting us to turn in large numbers, nw do we all go there? Some go & others follow thru tv viewing!no one is saying by all cost & means you av to travel kupena uko ne cibeleshi, jealousy ifiloshi fimo!

  37. waisting taxpayers money on a 5min event this is now panicking
    hh teach these people what to do

  38. Lungu is mentally ill; the quicker he is put under psychatrician examination the better for him & his family. He simply cannot reason correctly anymore. Why inviting everyone for the signing his doctored constitution as though it is some form of ceremony? Will everyone he called be able to read what he will be signing? Foolish man. Your time is up.

    • u are the one who is ill, just have a look at u and your father has done for Zambia the u can point out the illness u are talking about. imaginit is not your money or your fathers and may be u don’t even pay tax busy making noise just sit and watch your father has done nothing for us as Zambians apart from bring u here to cause noise

  39. is it necessary?why not jst sign it from yo office en tell th shud be wasted over jst signing surely.Pf is very wasteful

  40. Humblness is Heavenly rewarded wit WISDOM… Better days re coming fo Zambia under the humble leadership of H.E. EDGAR CHANGWA LUNGU..

  41. We are tired of your SMS inviting us whenever you are holding such events only at National Heroes Stadium. Why can’t you do the same whenever you are also feasting and merrying at State House via taxpayers money?

  42. Am a PF supporter but on this one my president kwati your advisers should have let you know that Tuesday is a production day especially after New year and Christ mass. Secondly, too much money will be waisted for just signing a political document. Anyway icimpwena mu Zambia chalifulisha. Those with nothing to do can go there, by the way I stay near by but time to waist, I don’t have.

  43. I just wonder if there isn’t any better ways of assenting to this Constitutional Bill without accruing huge sums of tax payers’ money. I’m thinking of allowances to be paid to councillors, PMs, provincial government officials, the Presidential contingency when world over governments are cutting on expenses.

  44. Facebook is full of people who claim to be educated but use their brain carelessly.

  45. Senseless and wastfull. People running out ideas. The want a have a mini rally. Zambia will turn out in numbers to come and witness his first point of exit. Surely by putting his signature on that bill marks the beginning of him evicted in state house. Am glad that he Mr Lungu has started the process. It’s high time state house is occupied by people who a serious agenda for this nation zambia

  46. Is he providing me transport and sumptuos meal?????? Kuwayawayfye. A total waste of tax payers money

  47. People were busy crying for constitution, here it comes busy complaining against it…
    Hmm kwena Imbwa tashitasha…
    Viva PF

  48. t actually shows how stupid dis constitution z, jst luk at da date tself, 5th of january 2015 xmas n new year dont pass now eheh……see this mumu editor

  49. Mr president u r very gud on wasting tax payers money,why cnt u jst do it behind closed doors wth a DeadNBCPF tv camera in front?

  50. When President Mwanawasa went with his entourage to china and signed trade agreements with Zambia.. what we saw from the Zambian perspective was how large his entourage was and the costs implications while china saw an opportunity in his signature. RB went to Turkey and Brazil signed several agreements…again from the Zambian pespective all we saw was how large the entourage was and the costs involved. Again the Turkish and Brazillians understood the opportunity in the presidents signatures and soon they were here in numbers to xplore zambia. Whether you like the president or not, whether you can insult him the most coz maybe that’s what you are good at, the day the President signs his signature… it is law and binding and the whole world understands and respects that despite yoz or my displeasure. Why must we always find fault in everything? What is wrong with him inviting people? We can surely do better as Zambians lets be serious we cant just be a people who wait to insult the man. You must know that the same way you insult him there are those waiting to insult your president. Jesus put it this way “ do to others as you would like them to do to you“ Awe bane tefyo bekala

  51. pipo r petty. bushe balepatikisha to go there??? palwenufye Lol…We complain about every little thing wen others are always on the run due to war.. let’s be grateful for the peace and pray for our leaders… Too much hatred awe mwandi.

  52. And if you are the one who gave my mobile number to the Secretary to the Cabinet please convey my msg to him that “Am not happy that whenever they have a party at State House I’m not called. But kumalilo, prayers and memorials ati come and attend you are invited”? I have an invitation apa so ati come for the signing of the Constitution ! Awe bane nanaka, nshakeseko until he starts inviting me to state buffets and other victory functions also. Uuumh kwaliba!

  53. #Chagwa_Lungu_Edgar’s scripture.

    Psalms 109:8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

    Amen and Amen

  54. I dnt knw bt i feel it’s not a forcing matter where everyone is required to travel u can easily watch it on TV or hear it on radio’s, so i dnt get de reason y some pipo ar complaining abt transport as if it says everyone is to attend

    • Are you aware the president has invited cadres from 10 provinces? That’s the president how many of you would say no sir nshaise?

  55. why shld waste DA last coin I av in my pocket jst to go watch someone signing a paper????….thts rubbish

  56. Money will be wasted here, why not sign from state House? Advisors here you missed it, with the current situation in our nation, you are borrowing money and waste it in an event like that…

    • Are you sure of what you’re saying? Or it’s just your perception. What facts do you have? Those are just your thoughts my dear not upnd @chrispin mawele

  57. She shall be punished and he will regret for dubiously being de president who messed up Zambia and not respecting the will of citizens.

  58. My fright is at 7 pm tonight .06:20 am nili pa zed airport .I like the mood

  59. Immanuel I will buy u lunch .just come pempa transport pa neighborhood

  60. Do you need the entire country’s population just to pend a signature? And why the cerebrations? For me I thought it takes less than a minute to put his signature

    • & besides there’s TV & radios so de ones that won’t manage to come can easily watch it on Tele or listen to it via radio station kwamana

  61. I am very much willing to travel ur excellency manje chabe ka transport money nilibbe ai. .. ngati mwayiyanganako naka lunch allowance awe I’ll be there. .. And please instruct ba airtel to be sending us that money since we’re receiving the msgs via their network thank u!

    • What’s yo prblm sani??? Ar u a pf vuvuzela?? Anyone who happens to be negative u’r ther trying to shield!! Ths is totally political propaganda my sister. Campaigning strategy we kno

  62. Boma ni Boma.Ba Sarah longwe you are also an executive thief mu NGO keep quite,how much donor fund have you stolen?

  63. I received an SMS to attend this function. I wonder at what cost the SMS is being sent. This is a sheer waste of resources considering the country needs to spend every ngwee prudently on many pressing issues. We gave Lungu a fully furnished office at State House with lots of pens. Does he need to waste our meagre resources by going to a stadium to Sign a document? Government officials , politicians and cadres using state money will need to travel from across the country just to go and see Lungu sign a document. What is wrong with this President? Why is he so wasteful?

  64. Lungus campain stragies ar catching up with him, this the desperation we ar talking about how can u make the sighning of bill a campain trail,thats why there is a president,a normal president wil just go in the office sighns it and hand it back

  65. Is it going to be a holiday ?we don’t want to hear cases of people being fired because they went to witness the signing.

  66. Who is going to pay for me in terms of transport,food and accommodation just from here at Vubwi district.

  67. So dstrct comisioners frm the breath and length of zambia wil travel at a cost 2 lusaka jst 2 witnes lungu apending a signature.that could have been done on live Znbc than wasting money.

  68. This is sick. a festival just to sign the constitution when most Zambians are thinking about school fees for the child. Why not commit the money to be used for the signing festival to sponsoring kids fees of retrenched miners, that would be a real festival. Just saying.

  69. Pathetic,people ar in total poverty thats wen they ar invitng them again to waste time in signing the constitution,do u knw wat pipo ar going to eat after the celemony,pay electricity etc,why cant u do it in state house?

  70. He is not a sincere President – he said he has no money for a national referendum. So he cheated the Zambian people hence he illegally let parliament mutilate the people’s driven draft constitution. Now he is wasting people’s tax money on a one minute event of signing a Bill into Law by ferrying people to Lusaka to witness the event.

    • BaConstance, cabinet personnel is sending out sms to all cell phone subscribers to go to the signing ceremony – all that is people’s money being wasted!

    • It’s not a Sara Longwe driven constitution but people driven constitution. I am happy with it. Just form your own party so that you can confuse the illiterate.

    • You people you are always fault finders. For a change just agree that the president is right. The things most zambians wanted are there so don’t mislead us please

    • What exactly are you looking for ba Sara Longwe….you cried for 50+1 you have been given still it is a problem….give credit where it is due…

    • But why not just sign it at state house? Now ferrying people to Gabon disaster chakuti chakuti stadium for that? Nzelu za mu komboni izo!!

    • Is it his alone for him to privately sign? what could u hav said if he had to sign it tht way? Learn to appreciate what z gud. Some of u it z for the same reason of not appreciating one another that ur homes ar in problems.

    • Awe sure bo Sara Longwe… Ninfinsh mufwaya. Are you saying that for yourself or the poor. No wonder Jesus was crucified by the rich. Anyway your wishes are horses now…

    • Sarah is very right. These are cheap politics at play. You hire four different companies to clean the stadium. Stop people from carrying out their duties thereby stopping production in companies all together. Buy fuel for government vehicles to drive to Heroes stadium for an event that can take place at state house with few invited guests and the rest of us watch on TV as is always with other national issues. I ca tell you uyu Edgar is doing politics of appeasement and has no advisors. Akalila nga RB uyu. He has lost my vote. I cant vote for a comedian like him.he is useless and insensitive to the plight of the poor. The money he is spending could have gone to paying council workers somewhere languishing in poverty.

    • How honest are you yourself sara? At times these things we finger point others about are a reflection of our unjust deeds as well. Take chill pill and check yourself. In the end JESUS LOVE’s us all.

    • u have to think twice it is supose to be witnesed by eye witness people not just the matter signing

    • u have to think twice it is supose to be witnesed by eye witness people not just the matter signing

    • what it was your father and what could be your response and what is it that he has done that u can point at for the best of all Zambia

    • @sekeleti upnd cadre even progressive things u want to condemn some things mule umfwako ne nsoni ebunthu

    • Sara God deliver u from evil . We hv been using de constitution that Britain gave us so u cant praise were its due . Some people say NGOCC is ful of disgrutled women I now agree I tell u . This woman is worse than Judas Escaliot . U pipo wanted new constitution but today u are saying its not necessary u must sick in your heads . Sara u r a bad example in society .

    • Consstitutions have been amended before and will continue until kaya.kk 1990,state house marshalling pluralism in politics mwanakatwe,mung’omba,mvunga kaya,kaya.

  71. I can’t attend,I got many sources to get data from.Lungu don’tcha think that cost lotta cash to be held in National stadium?Why not at state house?


  73. Where K20 million will be spent ferrying cadres to this ‘ceremony’ in this crippling economy? Why not sign ku statehouse or in parliament and then beam it live on TV we watch? Is Tuesday a public holiday??

  74. I ll watch u on TV. Travelling with this poverty Lungu has brought in our homes is impossible.

    • you have brought poverty due to your laziness, stop blaming everything on the government. you are too old to not have common sense.

    • Sure sister, no government will bring food on the table. Its a new year lets think anew, do things anew and blame game will lead us further into poverty. Lets work with our hands and learn to live a quite life as the bible say

    • what i mean is that the economy is bad due to poor polices by the PF and this has made the cost of doing business has gone high, the job of the govt is to secure anabling enviroment for its pipo do business. not this pF thing useless part.

    • mwaba & david u don’t think positive why ar we supose to vote if leaders have no rule to play in povert situation like zambia today lf u ar among those pipo benefiting leave the affected to complain alone

    • Mark I say only Lazy people blame the government because I do not benefit from them. I earn my own money and I work hard for it. No government in the world will give you free stuff. There are people who are working hard and making millions right where you are. We need to change our mentality if our country is to move forward. Do your best to feed your family, stop being a political cadre!!!

    • So Mwaba is suggesting that we all start…i gues she’s also suggesting that we stop voting coz why should we vote when we are not going to benefit from government’s policies as Zambians??? she’s says nowhere in the world u will find a government that gives free staff…lol..In America people that can’t afford receive food stamps that’s free shit…In New Zealand people that ain’t got a job and can’t afford receive some kind of a payment every month that’s free shit…In canada the government provides shelter to people that ain’t got homes so what are u talking about??? Chinese government has loans they give to its citizens at low interest rates to start up businesses. .do we have that shit in Zambia???

  75. Why waste money on such, can’t he sign it at state house. we have pending promises he made which need serious consideration not wastes resources on something he can do home.

  76. Who’s going to be a running mate between gbm and Dr banda, Hehehehehe yaba! !!tiyeni nayo

  77. Leaving for Lusaka with my family to attend the signing ceremony of our binding constitution