14 year old street kid defiles, impregnates 12 year old girl

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

PARENTS of a defiled 12-year-old girl of Lusaka’s Chazanga Township are contemplating withdrawing the case against the 14-year-old boy currently in police custody for defiling and impregnating their daughter. Meanwhile, the 14-year-old juvenile, who was arrested for defilement last week, is still being held in police custody at Lusaka’s Mandevu police post. But the girl’s parents, in an interview, said they wanted the boy released because he would not offer them anything as he was a street kid. They, however, expressed fear and worry for their daughter’s life as she was now about three months pregnant. The disappointed father of the girl narrated that after questioning her daughter about the pregnancy and the person responsible for it, she named the boy and that she consented to sexual intercourse with him as they had been in a sexual relationship for a long time. “Tabamwikete, baleumfwanafye bwino bwino (she was not forced, they both consented and were in agreement); they know each other very well. The boy is a Zam-cab at this market where they sell charcoal and looking at his state of affairs, he is vulnerable, he can’t give us anything and besides, he is a street kid and that is why we are even thinking of just having him released,” he said. “From what we hear, he doesn’t even have parents here. I was told that he sleeps in make-shift stands people have created at this charcoal market and he has been loitering around this area for over seven to 10 years now.”



The father added that the family had no idea how they would help the girl as they were sure that she would have maternal complications before and during labour because of her age. “We don’t even know who we can approach for help because my daughter is just too young. We keep asking ourselves: will she manage to carry the pregnancy? How will she deliver? We are confused and we don’t just know what to do,” he added. “And I do not want to blame the boy because they were both at fault, so I will be going back to the police and see if I can have the boy released. We have nothing to do with him.” – See more at: http://www.postzambia.com/news.php?id=11748#sthash.xUN1r0OO.dpuf


  1. The boy defiled the girl and the girl defiled the boy.normally I would’ve said lock them up.since there’s a child on the way am sympathetic. Help these little ones psychologically in preparation for parenthood