Kaizer Zulu must be charged with attempted murder

Special assistant for corruption- Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com

ENOCH Kavindele says Kaizer Zulu wanted to kill his son and must therefore be charged with attempted murder and not threatening violence. And Enoch Kavindele Jr says this is a “difficult situation” for his family. Kavindele, the former Republican vice-president, said the charge of threatening violence which has been slapped on Zulu is too simplistic for the offence committed by President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor. He said it was not correct to charge Zulu with threatening violence when he attempted to shoot, using live bullets, at Enoch Jr and his brother, Kaunda, over a bar brawl at Chrismar Hotel. “These charges were too simplistic and what happened was attempted murder. He should be charged with attempted murder,” said Kavindele in an interview. “You don’t set to tell someone that you are going to kill them and when that person is running away, you shoot but you miss pantu limbi naukolwa elo ulepusa, nga taukolelwe (because maybe you are drunk that’s why you are missing, if you weren’t), he would have gunned the guy down.”



And Enoch Jr said he had been advised against talking to the media on the shooting incident. “My brother and I are doing just fine. You know it is an ongoing issue; I really cannot comment on it now but it is a difficult situation for me to talk about, and thus we have been advised not to comment,” said Enoch Jr. “I am sure we can talk in a few days’ time.” After Zulu’s arrest on Friday, police who went to examine the scene of the Chrismar Hotel shooting did not find the cartridges, but when they searched Zulu’s house, they found four different types of guns, apart from the one he used to fire at Kavindele’s vehicle. They also found hundreds of ammunition in Zulu’s house as well as the expanded cartridges which were used in the revolver at the Chrismar Hotel shooting. Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga also confirmed that a team of investigators that went to search Zulu’s house in Woodlands area found more guns in his possession. Zulu, who was arrested on Friday and charged with threatening violence, was released from police cells on Saturday. But sources said he did not sleep in cells at Woodlands Police Station, but in one of the offices.