President Lungu advised to settle in office, avoid moving aimlessly

Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu boards the Presidential Jet at Lanseria International Airport in South Africa on Monday, June 22,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE © 2015

The opposition UPND has observed that the people of Zambia are now seeing what they were warned of the ruling PF’s inability to run the country.

The UPND has referred to the economic hardship that Zambia is going through as precipitated by increased load shedding, poor performance of the Kwacha and national budget deficits as some of the indicators of the ruling PF’s alleged inability to govern.


The opposition political party believes that it is now clear in people’s minds that the ruling PF lacks the capacity and capability to run a government.

And the UPND has advised President Edgar Lungu to settle in office and avoid moving aimlessly in view of the challenges that the people of Zambia are going through.

UPND Chairman for Rural Development Mopani Moono has told Qfm News that his party feels that President Lungu is spending too much moving up and down the reason why he is failing to address the challenges affecting people’s lives.
Mr. Moono says people expect President Lungu to spend time in office and strategize how he will deal with the current economic turmoil in the country.

He says he personally agrees with some stakeholders who are concerned with the rate at which the President is moving in and out of the country notwithstanding Zambia’s economic challenges.




  1. Guys guys hey whats wrong with you all lets face the thruth and develope our country thats all

  2. Yes settle down and address the challenges been faced by ur pipo its clear al this trips r nt healdn any positive results

  3. ba lungu settle down and solve the problem the nation is facing don’t pretend that all is well pliz twapapata.

  4. 90% of ECL photos are about boarding a plane, being hosted somewhere or being welcomed on arrival somewhere – how boring. Can’t he do anything else?

  5. The Only Goodness Is That Zambian People Have Started Seeing That Upnd Does Not Mean Well In Their Quest To Wrestle Power From The Pf.Why Cant You For Once Explain To Zambians That The Power Crisis Is Not Only In Zambia?Such Kind Of Politics Are The Ones We Term As Filthy.Does The President For Example Have Control Over The Comodity Prices On The International Market Or The Weather Patterns?Let Us Sometimes Learn To Be Real In Our Approach To Issues.It Sometimes Even Makes Me Wonder What Types Of Churches You Go To, When After Insulting For Six Days Are Ready To Accept Your Offering And Tithe On The Seventh Day.

    • Dude, the economic downturn in Zambia started way before the current global issues. Ask us who work in this industry. Your government has now just found a scapegoat because whether global issues or not, we have incompetent economic managers. Four years down the line and the country has no clear economic fiscal policy apart from borrowing and you stand up to defend this? There is something very wrong with you my friend.

  6. When Sata was not travelling u accused him of not enganging in international affairs. Lungu travels u r again complaining. Nindalama za anyoko?

    • Yes, it is my money because I pay taxes. Am guessing you have never even heard of PAYE.

    • Ba Simeon Mulenga Kumwenda, these are just politics, Sata was a human being like you and still has people and family who remember him with love and affection, never forget that as you seek to show off on social media
      Ba Mwimanenwa Kamona, tone down!

  7. Expecting Lungu to settle down is like expecting the kwacha to come down to even k6 to a dollar under PF. Impossible. Plus he has a trip to Newyork in September and then another one to India in October so good luck with that. :)