Esther Phiri declares herself winner…….


ESTHER Phiri has declared herself winner in  the World International Boxing Association (WIBA) and World International Boxing Federation (WIBF) welterweight unification title held today.


The much anticipated match against South African boxer, Sandra Almeida ended with officials declaring it a technical draw.


According to the officials the match ended in the third round with an accidental head butt which left Esther’s opponent sustaining a deep cut above the right eye.


” I am a champion and I believe have won the match. I beat her in the two rounds. She has no punch and has to go and train again,” said a boastful Esther

Sandra said despite sustaining a deep cut, she had begged the doctors to allow her to continue.

” I begged the doctors to continue but they said i was not fit. I definitely want a rematch,” she said


  1. Technical draw

    A technical draw is a term used in boxing when a fight has to be stopped because a fighter is unable to continue from an accidental injury (usually cuts) or foul.
    Draws occur when the bout goes to the scorecards, and the officials can’t determine a winner. If a winner is determined, the decision is referred to as a technical decision.
    Technical draws also occur when a bout has not completed a certain number of rounds (usually four), thereby not making it an “official fight”. Most states have eliminated the technical draw decision for bouts that don’t go a required distance, and have replaced it with a no contest.
    But that cut was not accidental she was punched.

  2. Kikikiki Esther how could she any where it happens no wonder I love zambians the land of peace

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