Zambians Are Rough!Prophet Owuor Rejected, called names

Prophet David Owuor
Prophet David Owuor of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness

Never has a prophet churned more controversy on Kenyan Soil, though he never asked for a donation of 310 Shillings before threatening his followers who were a little too stingy that fire and brimstone would befall them, most people have found his miracles a little too good to be true. But inn’t that the stuff that miracles are made of? The element of “unbelievability?”

So, news is that the prophet had gone to Zambia ahead of a concert to spread the word. Unbeknownst to him, the Zambians were not too welcoming, they were critic of his his hair, his dressing and his demeanor, in fact, one media house ran this statement:

ARRIVAL of Renowned Kenyan Prophet Dr. David Owuor . He held a pastors conference yesterday at Serenity Lodge and a crusade is expected on Friday and Saturday at Woodlands Stadium”

The reactions that followed? These Zambians can be rough. The prophet found himself in a different territory.Here are some reactions:

” Is this for the last days there shall be prophets with beard,” wrote Mwengo Sacheka.

” This prophet looks seriously dirty,we are not in the era of John the baptist, this generation has barbershops,”  Richard Kamoza wrote.

Victor Namunji said” If he ca heal the sick, tell hill to go to UTH,”