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Mumba Yachi
Mumba Yachi

ZAMBIAN folk musician Mumba Yachi launches his fourth album next weekend at Pilatus Zambia on Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka.
Mumba Yachi is an award winning Zambian musician born and raised on the Copperbelt, who is said to capture the culture and tradition of his land through his music.
He has actively been a musician since 2009 and has since drawn a following of people who possess an appreciation for his unique sound.

Since his debut in 2009, Mumba Yachi has continued to embrace his tribal roots in the delivery of his music, a quality that has earned him praise and given him an edge at various music events.
Now signed to Lusaka based record Label Mojo Music, Mumba Yachi’s audience is rapidly growing.
On May 1, he is due to release I am Lenshina, with the theme ‘Rise of the Feminine.’ I am Lenshina, is an album produced in celebration of hardworking women.
The album is a reflection of women who, despite being surrounded by great difficulty, remain committed to their cause.

Just like the modern woman, Lenshina, was a leader of an independent church at the time of Zambia’s independence that faced many challenges and had her own flaws.
Through this album, Mumba Yachi hopes to inspire all women to remain as focused and courageous as Lenshina.

In an interview recently, Mumba Yachi said: “Lenshina was an influential woman who dedicated her life to a campaign against witchcraft and polygamy. Her determination for a better society is admirable and for that I believe all Zambians, especially women, should honour her.”
Mumba Yachi encouraged young Zambians to make the effort to research the history of Lenshina, who he termed a great woman and to decide for themselves whether she has been represented fairly or not.

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