Kekero releases Pempelo


SINGER-SONGWRITER and producer Kekero has released a single titled “Pempelo” which he says is the first single off his debut album to be released early next year.The single is about a man who is in a relationship but is praying that they do not stop loving each other with his partner no matter what they go through.
“It’s talking about a man praying that they shouldn’t hate each other or end up in a divorce or breakup. It’s saying in as much as we may argue or fight over small things, my prayer is that this shouldn’t end up in a breakup,” he says.

Kekero says the inspiration behind the song came from his life experiences and he thought he should write about something that he goes through.
“It’s a soulful song, but you know as usual, our Zambian music even when you’re praying or crying, there’s just that aspect of dance to it, you just have to add dance to it so it’s very much danceable but the message is a teaching message,” he says.

The song, co-written and produced by Kekero and COG, already has a video which was shot by K Blaze and Ert.
Kekero says the song is just a single ahead of his debut album which he is currently working on. He has recorded a number of songs which he intends to release as singles this year before the album is finally out.
Kekero says he is not decided yet on how many singles he will release as he is not sure what type of hype he will get from the songs.
“How many more singles will depend on what kind of hype I’m going to get off these songs I’m dropping because it’s my first time dropping a song dubbed my own because most of the times it’s collaborations,” he says. “I’m usually singing with people, but this time, I decided to just do my thing alone.”

Kekero says he has already recorded about five songs but he cannot say forthrightly now whether they will be on the album or not. Otherwise, he intends to do a lot of songs from which to pick those that will go on the album.
“This [Pempelo] is the first single off the album which I’ll release early next year. I can’t really give details because I’m planning on doing a lot of different genres and a lot of different styles,” he says.
“I don’t want to box myself to a particular type of music, I want to appeal to a lot of people, I want to appeal to a wider range in terms of age group.
“So, you’ll expect songs that I wouldn’t say childish really but I want to carter for everyone on this album to include the young and the old.
“Fans should just expect fire because a lot of people have been asking me when I’ll do my own thing and I thought people are anxious to listen to what I can do so let them just expect fire because I’m up to serious business.”