Police arrest woman for selling baby

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Police arrest woman for selling baby
Luangwa, February 14, 2015, ZANIS . . . . . . Police in Luangwa

District have arrested and detained a woman who sold her newly born
baby for K3,000 to a local businessman.

Luangwa District Commissioner Eunie Mumba confirmed the scandal to
ZANIS yesterday saying Patricia Nyangu of Chitope area in Senior Chief
Mburuma’s area sold her newly born baby to Goodson Malunga who later
took the baby to Lusaka.

Mr. Mumba said Goodson Malunga bought the baby from Patricia Nyangu on
31 January 2015 in a transaction that started in December, 2014
after Goodson had approached Yulani Nyangu a friend to Patricia to
convince her to sell her the baby when it is born.

He said Yulani Nyangu was given a down payment of K1, 500 by Goodson
Malungu to induce Patricia sell the baby to him after delivery and the
other K1, 500 to be paid after getting the baby.

The District Commissioner added that on 31st January, 2015 Patricia
gave birth with the help of Yulani in the bush at around 21:00 hours
and Goodson was informed and came to pick the baby and the following
morning left for Lusaka.

Mr. Mumba said the wife to Goodson confirmed that her husband Goodson
indeed left for Lusaka in the early hours of 1st February 2015.

Sources at Luangwa Police Station confirmed the incidence and said the
three involved in the scandal were arrested and have been detained in
police custody and that the where about of the baby is not yet known.

The police sources said the incident was reported to Chitope police
post by relatives of Patricia who became suspicious after seeing that
the pregnancy had disappeared.

The source said the husband to Patricia was in jail and that she was
impregnated by another man and that according to her it was a relief
to do away with the baby.

And Luangwa DC Eunie Mumba has described the development as sad
and condemned the action as unacceptable in a country like Zambia.