Domestic animals invade new Luangwa road

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Domestic animals invade new Luangwa road
Luangwa, February 14, 2015, ZANIS  . . . Motorists using the newly
tarred Luangwa D145 main road in Luangwa District have expressed
concern at the increase of domestic animals that have invaded the road.

ZANIS reports that the motorists have appealed to the District Administration to find ways of solving the problem before human life is lost as they try to avoid hitting into the animals.

Motorists spoken to in a random check said they were being inconvenienced by domestic animals which
are found on the road and that if the situation was not corrected a lot
of accidents and loss of human life will be recorded.

Bus and Mini bus drivers including other motorists complained that
domestic animals especially goats and cattle have taken over the road
hence risking the lives of people as they try to avoid hitting into

One of the bus drivers, Foster Mang’watu complained that the domestic
animals that loiter  along the main road were moving without a
shepherd and that once they hit into an animal they are been forced to
pay money to the owners who allegedly threaten to bewitch them if they don’t

And Civic leaders in Luangwa District have appealed to the road
contractor China Geo to consider putting road hampers and speed limit
sign posts in strategic places such as near schools, markets and other
public places to avoid accidents.

Luangwa District Council Chairman Godfrey Mulunga and his Vice,
Lackson Membe made the appeal through the District Commissioner Eunie
Mumba who equally expressed concern on the matter saying some
motorists where indeed over speeding on the road especially now that
it has been tarred.

Mr. Mumba said that he has observed with concern that in just less
than two months after the whole Luangwa D145 main road had been tarred
four road accidents have been recorded resulting in the loss of one human life.

He appealed to motorists to observe road signs that have been put on
the newly tarred road to avoid accidents.

Meanwhile China Geo Foreman Panwell Sinfukwe said in a telephone
interview with ZANIS that the company was aware of the over speeding by some motorists
and that they were in the process of putting up road hamps and speed
limit signs in strategic places to avoid accidents.

Mr. Sinfukwe confirmed that since the completion of the road four road
accidents have been recorded including one death and that as a Contractor
they will do everything possible to ensure that the accidents are