Keeping Zambia clean top priority

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-Southern Province Minister
Nathaniel Mubukwanu says keeping Zambia clean remains a
top priority for the government.

And Mr Mubukwanu has noted that it was encouraging when stakeholders come on
board to supplement efforts being made by the Choma Municipal Council in
trying to keep the town.

ZANIS reports that the Provincial Minister said this in a speech read on his behalf by Assistant Secretary
Kapumo Lyanga yesterday during the launch of Miss Keep Choma Clean
Campaign held at provincial administration in Choma.

“Prevention is better than cure. This means that if we do a lot in
terms of cleanliness then we have less diseases. Also remember that a
clean nation is a healthy nation”, he said.

He further discouraged traders and residents of Choma to desist from
disposing of garbage anyhow in order for Choma to become the cleanest
town in the country.

And speaking earlier, Vice Chairperson for the Organizing Committee for
Miss Keep Choma Clean Campaign from Young Generation Radio Balody
Manyepa stated that Choma can be changed in the shortest time possible
if organizations start to realize their responsibility of giving back
to the community and supporting health programmes such as keep Choma

Mr. Manyepa noted that people throw rubbish anyhow because waste bins
are not enough in town.

He asked the business community to consider helping by donating one or
two bins in order for Choma to be known as a clean town.

Miss keep Choma clean beauty pageant will be held this evening at
Masaka Night Club in Choma and the winner will become the ambassador
for Choma in helping to keep it clean.