Mandevu residents embark on drainage clearing

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Residents of Mandevu Constituency have embarked
on a clean-up exercise to unblock drainages to prevent outbreak of common diseases.


Mandevu constituency Member of Parliament Jean Kapata disclosed this when she kicked-off the exercise in Chazanga township today.

Ms Kapata who is also Tourism Minister said the clearing of the drainages
 is meant to prevent  the outbreak of diarrheal  diseases like cholera
as a result of blocked drainages and also to maintain a clean
environment in the area.

She said the cleaning of drainages will be an on-going programme which
will be conducted every Saturday by the residents themselves.

“This programme will be done by the residents as they will be
mobilizing themselves every Saturday and start clearing the
drainages”, said Kapata.

Ms Kapata stated that the programme which has started  with Chazanga
compound will be extended to other parts of the constituency.

“We have made arrangements with the council to be moving around
picking the garbage that has been removed from the drainages after
they have been cleaned by the residents,” she said.

Ms  Kapata further said gabbage bins will be positioned in strategic points so
that  people can throw it in designated places other than
throwing in the drainages which in-turn blocks the passages and stops water from
flowing well.

And Mpulungu Ward 23 Councillor in Mandevu Constituency Christopher
Shakafuswa said there has been an overwhelming response from the
residents who turned  up in large numbers to start clearing the

Mr. Shakafuswa said the programme of cleaning
the drainages will continue to ensure that all the unblocked lines are cleared.