Mitete DC, Councillors differ over projects

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Mitete DC, Councillors differ over projects

Lukulu, February 14, 2015, ZANIS — Councillors in Mitete district have accused the District Commissioner Teddy Chimbinde of working in isolation in implementing government projects.

Mitete Council Chairman Twembuchi Malikana said that civic leaders in the district complain of not being involved in government programs currently running in their wards.

Mr. Malikana said that the civic leaders only became aware of some of the development programs when residents who were contracted as casual workers complain to them for none payment of their wages.

Speaking during the first quarter full council meeting held at the Lukulu council chamber yesterday, the civic leader lamented that councillors are left behind on the progress of developmental projects in the district.

He said this was making it impossible for them to explain to the people about the programmes and projects in the district when the district administration is not involving them.

But the District Commissioner Teddy Chimbinde defended himself saying that the civic leaders especially from the opposition are fond of politicizing the projects.

Mr. Chimbinde said he will not allow any politicking on government programs by any civic leader hence called on the house to put politics aside and work with the government.

He said his administration was ready to work with any councillor despite their political affiliation for the sake of taking development to the district as long as they did not bring politics.