My ex still demands sex, man tells court

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A MAN of Lusaka sent the court roaring into laughter at the Chilenje Local Court when he revealed how his former girlfriend has been forcing him to have sex with her.
George Kambashi said his former girlfriend Lauren Chakalinta has the attitude of also locking him up in her house before forcing herself on him.
“Your honour, I do not want to have any more problems with this woman. She likes to lock me up in her house and force herself on me every time I go to see the child we have together,” Kambashi said.
He pleaded with the court to restrain Chakalinta and also suggested that they meet at a neutral place other than her house to see the child to prevent her from locking him up and forcing him to have sex with her whenever he visits.
This was heard before senior court magistrate George Kaoma. Chakulinta sued Kambashi for review of child maintenance. Kambashi has been maintaining the child by paying K800 every month.
In her defence, Chakalinta denied ever locking up and forcing her former lover to have sex with her.
She, however, wept uncontrollably after she complained how irresponsible Kambashi has been towards their mentally-challenged child.
“Kambashi has not been very supportive towards his special child. None of his relatives know that we have a child together. He refuses to even touch or lift him,” she said whilst sobbing.
The court ordered Kambashi to get his child every weekend so that his family can know it.
“Why don’t you want your family to know about this child? It is not your girlfriend’s fault that the child is mentally-challenged and it is also not your wish. Just care for it and God will bless you,” the court said.
The court has also increased the child support fee from K800 to K850.


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  2. Zambian issues is about sex and negative ideas.we wl never develop at all.Youths shud come together and realiz thz plaque we are about to give the beauty generation to come.We are dying gradually.