Superstitious man throws away all underwear except one

Criminal court
Criminal court

FOR fear of being bewitched by his wife after having three children out of wedlock, a 36-year-old man of Lusaka’s Chinyunyu township threw away all his pants and remained with one which he never takes off.
Matthews Mukololo, 36, of Chinyunyu township after suing his wife, Nelly Zanunga, 33, also a resident of Chinyunyu for divorce, told senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye that his wife has been threatening his life ever since he impregnated three different women.
Mukololo told the Matero local court that he married Zanunga in 2005 and paid bride price for her hand in marriage. He said that after they stayed together for a year, Zanunga was unable to conceive.
“My wife would insult me, saying I was not man enough to satisfy her sexually. She even said I was impotent. This made me to go and have sex so that I prove a point to her,” he said.
The court heard that results from the hospital revealed that it was Zanunga who had a fertility problem.
“We have visited different qualified medical doctors as well as traditional doctors but to no avail. We have never had peace in our marriage ever since. Whenever we argue, my wife packs her belongings and goes to stay with her relatives,” he said.

Mukololo told the court that he and Zanunga have been on separation for nine months now.
“There is no love between us, I fear for my life. Zanunga says that if she kills me, she wouldn’t suffer for long but my children out of wedlock will suffer greatly. I want to be free of her,” he said.
However, Zanunga pleaded with the court not to grant the divorce because she still loved her husband and suffered with him at a time he had nothing.
She said Mukololo married her when she was 17 years old, adding that she has lived most of her life with him.
Zanunga denied ever threatening Mukololo but said she had accepted his children as her own since she could not bear him any.
“My husband wanted children and I understand the situation we were in and that is why I welcomed his children. In my absence he would bring different women and have sex with them on our matrimonial bed,” she said.
She accused Mukololo of being promiscuous, insulting her publicly and beating her often in their 10 years of marriage.
Passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce and ordered Mukololo to pay Zanunga K7,000 as compensation with an initial payment of K500 followed by K300 monthly instalments starting this month.


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