Husband, wife admit cheating while on separation

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA couple admitted in the Chelstone local court that they both cheated on each other during their five-year separation.
Before senior court magistrate George Kaoma was Chibamba Bwalya, 32 who sued her husband Emmanuel Oyati, 35, for divorce.
Bwalya told the court that she wanted her marriage dissolved because she has realised that it is important to amicably end her marriage first before getting into another relationship.
The couple got married in 2009 and have two daughters together.
Bwalya told the court that she thought it was ideal to have a lover since she has been on separation with her husband for too long.
She said she only learnt now that it was not right for one to be in another relationship whilst on separation.
“My relationship never lasted. We parted ways due to some setbacks,” Bwalya said.
But Bwalya also revealed to the court that her husband got engaged to his lover last weekend.
“My wife got furious and used vulgar language on Facebook when she learnt that I got engaged last weekend. It is surprising because I did not do anything when I heard of her marriage plans with her lover,” Oyati said.
Earlier, Bwalya said she wants her marriage dissolved because she has suffered enough as her husband has been disrespectful to her.
She further said she has suffered physical abuse at the hands of her irresponsible husband.
“Your honor, my husband prefers sponsoring his girlfriend up to university level at the expense of his children,” Bwalya said.
She further said she has never enjoyed her marriage because her husband has never pampered her.
But Oyati chipped in saying “Her relationship did not work out because our 10-year-old daughter did not approve of it. She did not like her lover. She even chased our daughter from her house for being a contributing factor to their failed relationship,”
The case was adjourned awaiting judgment.

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