FORMER Kitwe mayor denies defiling, infecting his niece

Criminal court
Criminal court

FORMER Kitwe mayor Divo Katete has denied defiling and infecting his 14-year-old niece with a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).
Katete was appearing for his defence before Principal Kitwe Resident Magistrate Ikechukwu Iduma yesterday.
He is charged with defilement after he allegedly had sex with the girl on several occasions between December 2012 and December 2013.
He told the court that the niece was like a daughter to him and that he could not have had sex with her.

Katete narrated that in December 2012, the girl and her brother went to his place for Christmas holidays and that the family had a braii party where other relatives were also invited.
After the Christmas holidays, the girl and the brother went back to their father’s home in Mufulira and that after some time he was shocked to hear that the girl was alleging that he had sex with her.
Katete said his wife was pregnant at the time he is accused of defiling the girl and that as a couple, they never suffered from any STD which the girl accused him of infecting her with.
His wife Sylvia testified that her husband was not capable of defiling the girl because he was sexually satisfied by her.
Ms Katete told the court that she was a degree holder in psychology and could have noticed any behaviour change in the girl if she was defiled by her husband at the time she visited them during Christmas holidays.
Hearing continues on February 6, this year.

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