Divorce Court

A MINER at Kansanshi Copper Mines has petitioned for the dissolution of his marriage after he discovered naked pictures of his wife on her mobile phone, sent to another man.
Ronny Sichali has petitioned his wife Sharon and her co-respondent Obey Kafunda in the Kitwe High Court for allegedly committing adultery.
Mr Sichali said his marriage has broken down irretrievably and cannot reasonably be expected to live with his wife after he found naked pictures sent in November 2013 but discovered in January last year.
He stated that he married his wife, a business executive dealing in second hand clothes on January 8, 2012 and the marriage was solemnised at Chingola Christian Centre.

They have two children, aged six and four years.
Mr Sichali said in his petition before High Court Judge Dominic Sichinga that his wife had exhibited unreasonable behavior by allegedly committing adultery with the co-respondent.
He further stated that he found recordings between his wife and Mr Kafunda in which the she was showering praises on Mr Kafunda for being good in bed and having great sex with him.
Immediately after discovering the pictures and recordings, the petitioner called their parents for a meeting, where the respondent admitted being in an adulterous relationship for three years.
He stated that his wife informed the gathering that she had sex with Mr Kafunda between February and May 2013.

Mr Sichali said the co-respondent, who resides in Kitwe, also admitted having a relationship with his wife and would send money for her to travel to Kitwe where they would later meet at a guest house.
He stated that the respondent informed him that she was in a relationship with another man because he was not providing her with money for cosmetics which the co-respondent was giving her.
Mr Sichali said he had been denied conjugal rights for three years and that his wife had not shown any remorse for her actions.
He has asked the court to dissolve the marriage and an order for damages, compensation for mental torture, anguish and stress occasioned by both the respondent and co-respondent.
The matter comes up on May 19, this year.


Times of Zambia