vote for a God-fearing leader – Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba Asking for the vote
Nevers Mumba Asking for the vote

MOVEMENT for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba and Democratic Christian Party (DCP) president Danny Pule have urged the electorate to vote for a God-fearing leader while Fourth Revolution president Eric Chanda and Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi have pledged economic liberation to all Zambians.
Speaking in separate interviews yesterday, Dr Mumba said Zambians should vote for him in Tuesday’s election because he is a God-fearing man who cannot lie to the people.
Dr Mumba said Zambia needs a president they can trust as he has experience to guide Zambia into this season of jubilee so that the nation can be liberated from poverty.
And Dr Pule said Zambians should vote for him because his party wants to put God first in the governance of the nation.
He said once elected into office, his government will set up a fund to enable Churches to build Schools, hospitals and auditoriums among others.
Meanwhile, Mr Chanda said his party will ensure that it prioritises economic empowerment for all Zambians.
He said his party will ensure it addresses challenges such as youth unemployment, poverty and agricultural hiccups.
And Ms Nawakwi said Zambians are resilient in the face of poverty.
“However, it is time for politicians to know that poverty must end. People want to take charge of their destiny,” she said.
And during a presidential debate organised by the Copperbelt University on Friday night, four political parties assured the electorate that they will commit to improving the wellbeing of all Zambians through wealth-creation when voted into power.
The party representatives pledged to ensure that the current social economic problems affecting the majority of Zambians such as youth unemployment are addressed.
Green Party spokesperson Thompson Lusendi reiterated that his party will focus on the cultivation of medicinal marijuana for wealth-creation once voted into power.
“There is no medical evidence that people who take marijuana go mad. In Zambia, the reasons people go mad vary from depression, poverty, divorce and other economic and social hardships. It has nothing to do with marijuana. People are free to go Chainama Hills Hospital and do a research,” Mr Lusendi said.
MMD director of communication Raphael Nakacinda said his party is the only political party with a clear economic policy.
Mr Nakacinda said the MMD pioneered free economic policy approach which will be the answer to job creation for the youths.
And FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said his party’s economic policy will focus on education as it is the root of all socio-economic problems in Zambia.
UNIP director for elections Henry Silumesi accused the MMD of destroying the economic gains that UNIP had put in place through privatisation.
Mr Silumesi said once voted into power, the former ruling party will ensure that the economy of the country was restored.


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