Lusaka Man seeks share of property from ex-wife

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A man of Ng’ombe township in Lusaka has asked a local court to order the sharing of property with his former wife after he was kicked out of the matrimonial home.

Simon Mutuna, 36, told the Boma Local Court that he and his ex wife Mutinta Twambo,31, built the house together, while they were still married.

Mutuna said he had K65,000 to buy a plot or a farm but his wife had convinced him that they build the house on her family plot because it was vacant.

Mutuna told the court that when he refused, Twambo got his money without his consent and started building at her parent’s plot.

He told the court that when they moved to the house, his wife kicked him and his children out saying the house were hers and her children she bore from another man.

“Twambo and my in-laws convinced me to build a house on their family plot and when we moved into the house, I was chased out with my children. One of my children even died because of living on the street,” he said.

Twambo said she could not share the house with Mutuna because she built it alone.

She said she did not know the K65,000 he was talking about as he had only contributed K5,000 to the structure.

She told the court that he always complained when they moved to their house that he wasn’t free and wanted to move out but wanted to get chairs which she had bought alone too.

Twambo said when she refused to give him her chairs, he came with his sisters and beat her up a situation that had forced her to kick him out.

She said she was ready to refund him his K5,000 but not share the house or any property with him.

Principle presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba sitting with senior court magistrates Miyanda Banda and Boway Khanyika adjourned the matter to a later date, saying they had to visit the site where the house was located before coming up with the settlement.