Lusaka woman kicked out of the home, pleads to hubby

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A TWENTY-FOUR-year-old woman of Lusaka who was kicked out of the matrimonial home because of excessive borrowing has asked the Lusaka Boma Court to reconcile her with her husband.

The court heard that Kasonde Mutale had the habit of borrowing money from different people without paying back, and creditors were now seizing household goods to recover their cash.

The situation had persisted that her husband Chola Kanganya, 31, had no option but chase Mutale away in a bid to save the couple’s property.

This is a case in which Mutale, 24, sued her husband for marriage reconciliation after he chased her away.

Kanganya said he had tried to talk to his wife but nothing had changed and Mutale’s unquenched desire to borrow had placed him in bad books with most of the people he knew.

Apparently, the defendant was forced to take his wife to her parents for counselling but nothing had changed after coming back as she continued to borrow without paying back.

“However, she continued and this forced me to take her back to her parents because people have started getting my household goods because of what she owes them,” Kanganya said.

Mutale, however, said she had been forced to borrow because her husband never gave her any money.

She also accused Kanganya of beating and insulting as well as chasing her out of the matrimonial home every time he was drunk.

“Recently, I had to spend three nights outside because he had chased me and when I tried to go back and plead with hinm, he packed my clothes and sent me to my parents that he no longer wanted me,” she said.

Senior court magistrates Hildah Choonya and Paulin Newa reconciled the couple after acknowledging that both of them still loved each other.

The court, however, advised Mutale to stop her borrowing habits while Kanganya was advised to give his wife money to prevent her from borrowing.

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