Big Brother Diary Sessions: The Village, The Dream & A Bundle Of Nerves

Big Brother Africa Hotshots housemates
Big Brother Africa Hotshots housemates

Biggie brought up the topic of eviction, but was a lot more interested in the rising conflict and blossoming romances developing between the housemates. The divisions seem clearly divided between the ‘villagers’ and the ‘dreamers’.

Luis, evading questions about Tai-tai, confessed his feelings for Mira. When it was her turn in the diary room, she reciprocated, but not as strongly. Was it just her characteristic shyness coming through, or are her feelings not quite the same? Maybe it has something to do with her relationship with Nhlanhla.

He admitted to relating well to her, even though he is having fun breaking down Sheillah’s walls, wanting to get more intimate with her, without pursuing a relationship.

Romance aside, Sheillah is coming across as a strong character in the house. Others may deem her bossy, but she preferred to call it “persuasive”. As far as the game went, Ellah admitted it was getting tougher.

Biggie pressed the housemates about the dynamics in the house, particularly after they were split into teams and she admitted relations were strained. However, she was more interested in telling Big Brother that she wanted to be head of house and seeing what a shift of power would do to the housemates.

Alusa said it straight, telling Big Brother that the divide had caused “an undertone of us and them”. Frankie and Goitse, although acknowledging the tension, felt it had been improving; while Butterphly and Mr 265agreed Biggie people had been too sensitive about the whole matter.

Frustration reigned supreme for Kacey Moore and JJ about clashing egos, and Arthur told Biggie: “Everyone wants to be director”. The resulting tension led to an altercation in the kitchen the day before, an issue Alusa, JJ, Goitse and Sipe brought up in the diary room.

The most unexpected turn of events came in the form of Trezagah. Quiet and reserved, Biggie pulled a cunning move, roping the Mozambican representative into a ploy to keep an eye on the other housemates for him, acting as his eyes and ears in the house.

Idris, clad in a Jed Eye ninja inspired ensemble, confessed to Biggie that he was nervous about Extravaganza performance. While they had good energy and a good story, he felt his group was far from ready. As far as connections go, Idris expressed a special connection to Goitse: “she brings something out in me.” He beamed. We wondered what that special something may be?

When birthday boy Macky2 got his moment with Biggie he felt that with more musicians, dancers and comedians the ‘dream team’ had more talent and so were better placed to do better for the Extravaganza performance. But not to be intimidated he remained confident of a good show tomorrow. To lift the rappers spirits on his birthday, Biggie surprised Macky2 with a little something special in the storeroom.

Having put his game face on recently, Tayo told Biggie he’d been studying people. He’d  noticed one JJ to be a superficial character calling him desperate to stand out. Tayo concluded that he was not to be trusted.

In her Diary session, Samantha pointed out that while she was part of the ‘dream team’ that too much talent was causing a clash in egos and little work was being done. As far as she was concerned there were just too many ‘strikers’ in her team. 

Well we know what they say about the underdog, but we looked forward to housemates putting only the best foot forward.




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