Big Brother Hotshots : Day 5

Big Brother Hotshots - Devil's Advocate
Big Brother Hotshots - Devil's Advocate

20:42 – Housemates enjoy a hearty supper in preparation for a hearty party ahead. 

20:27 – Permithias takes this moment to send a list of ‘shout-out’s’ to his friends and family. Esther joins in the liberty. 

20:18 – It’s time to party! Laveda instructs housemates to put on their dancing shoes because the Channel O party is jetting off in just two hours. 

20:10 – Sheillah loses her temper with her team during rehearsals. It’s clearly no laughing matter to her. 

20:05 – Is that Arthur and Goitse splayed over the couch in a bonding moment? The two seem to have more than dancing in common. 

19:21 – “Big Brother is watching over us’! The speakers roar as Biggie plays what appears to be a recorded version of a song the housemates made in the last couple of days. 

19:16 – JJ tells Laveda that he works in a professional manner and knows how to get the job done. He complains about others, like Alusa,  lacking the experience that he has.

18:54 – Laveda practices her part on the saxophone. 

18:47 – Rehearsals are under way and each group is committed to fine tuning their pieces. Everyone making sure every note is sung and every expression executed. 

18:10 – JJ takes control of the reigns and leads group ones rehearsals.  

17:55 – Big Brother encouraging positivity and serving up compliments in today’s Diary session. 

17:52 – Samantha reckons there may be too many strikers in her team and as a result they were a somewhat stuck. 

17:40 – M’am Bea’s Diary session is short and sweet. While in a little distress over their rehearsals she took a moment to wish Biggie a fabulous weekend.

17:09  – The birthday boy is in the Diary Room. Macky2 is sent to the store room to pick up a surprise for him in the store room. Whilst the rain pours down outside, the housemates all gather in the kitchen to partake in the beautiful cake that Big Brother has given Macky2.

17:01 – Idris is tense about the performance as he feels that his team is not pulling its weight. He likes Goitse.

16:54 – The “Waka-Waka” group practice their moves moves and song. Chaos.

16:30  – Is Laveda living Laveda Loca in the house? Biggie wants to know…

16:21 – Permithias is in the Diary Room and says that he wants to learn from his housemates.

16:15 – Risa is “wholesome”, clearly feeling better. She discusses the groups with Biggie. Biggie is playing devil’s advocate today. 

16:07 – Sabina is called into the Diary Room. “Looking good in purple, Sabina,” Biggie is smooth.

15:55 – Sheillah is next the Diary Room. She speaks in the third person.

15:48 – The housemates sing “Happy Birthday” to Macky2. Goitse is called to the Diary Room.

15:40 – Lillian is in the Diary Room: Chats about her voice, says it has improved…Big Brother tells her that he will continue to play music in the house so that she can keep on….. twerking.

15:30 – In his diary session, Arthur discusses talent, competition and conflict. “Competition is becoming too tough in there, you know, phew.”  JJ follows very soon after Arthur in the Diary Room, he talks about tension and ego clashes.

15:14 – “Kacey Moore is in the Diary Room” “Yes Biggie”. He is draped in his countries flag. 

15:09 – Frankie in the Diary Room, says he feels close to everyone and no-one in particular.

14:30 – Biggie tells Mira in her session that he will be checking up on her in the next few sessions about her struggle to let things go. 

14:32 – Trezegah is in the Diary Room, Biggie has to leave the Diary room for a bit and asks Trezegah to repeat himself when he returns.

14:21 – Luis is in the Diary Room. Sheillah sings “Come on Barbie…” to the amusement of all. 

14:01  – Team “Waka-Waka” and Team “Intellectuals” are working hard at outdoing each other. Rehearsals are in full swing with the music being worked on as well as choreography.

13:28 – Sabina and her group are hard at work with their task. Samantha is vocal.

13:04 – Permithias appears to be sounding less American……….

12:56 – The housemates are all lounging around and preparing for their group extravaganza. Alusa is clearly tired and has a bit of shut-eye.

12:30 – Lillian teaches Samantha her dance moves!

12:02 – Sheillah and Nhlanhla are getting closer, they are sharing some “pillow talk”.

11:54 – Not to be outdone by Lillian, Kacey, too has a wardrobe malfunction (in front of the mirror). 

11:46 – Lilian and Permithias dance, Lilian in her underwear… Africa is indeed watching.

11:23 – Laveda and Arthur eat cereal in the bedroom. Music playing in the background.

11:03 – Lillian, Mr.265, Mira (who is sitting on Mr.265’s lap, and the rest of the group chat plot their task.

10:45 – Nhlanhla and Sheillah are sitting very close to each other. 

10:32 – JJ and Lilian start arguing about the extravaganza. Lilian feels he needs to give others a chance to have their moment on stage, but he disagrees with her sentiments, proclaiming that he is not trying to take over.

10:20 – Breakfast commences and head of house, Laveda, is called into the diary room.

10:05 – The chatting and preparation goes on. Biggie turns off the hot water and Ellah is called into the diary room.

09:47 – Housemates talk about the upcoming extravaganza, while others move off to get ready for the day.

09:32 – JJ, Arthur and Kacey Moore continue complaining about directorial control during rehearsal. 

09:18 – Getting into the swing of things, the housemates continue rehearsing, while others take it easy.

09:00 – The housemates continue preparing for the extravaganza after a session with Quintus Jansen.
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