ZAWA cautions agaist causing alarm over animal footprint

ZAWA scouts

The Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA has called on the members of the public to desist from alarming the nation whenever they see footprints of animals they cannot deduce.

ZAWA Public Relations Officer, Mwila Muliyunda made the appeal in an interview with Mano News today following numerous rumors from some sections of Kasama and Mungwi that are insinuating that Lions have been heard roaring in the two districts.

Ms. Muliyunda said it is important for the public to notify ZAWA officers whenever they come across footprints of wild animals.

• On Friday, ZAWA officers in Kasama had a tough time to explain the footprints of a hyena which were spotted by residents of Kateshi village who miss took them to be that of a lion.

A ZAWA crew which included Radio Mano Staff was at pains for over 30 minutes to explain to a crowd of residents which included Kateshi Village Headman, Pakar Chileshe in order to distinguish the footprints of a hyena and a lion.

And Mr Chiwela has noted that the continued increase in inflation if not addressed in time will imply that producers will continue to transfer costs to consumers.


Radio Mano