Starved wife forces husband’s best friend to help fix a bulb in the room

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A SEXUALLY-starved housewife forced her husband’s best friend to have sex with her, the Chifubu Local Court has heard.
Chonto Chishala, 38, of house number 18252 in Pamodzi township, told the court that Catherine Nkandu forced him to have sex with her in her husband’s absence because she wanted to quench her burning desire for sex.

Chishala told Senior Local Court Magistrates Agnes Muswema and Rosemary Muke that Catherine forced him to have sex with her while her husband Kaponda Nkandu was admitted to hospital.
This is a matter in which Nkandu, 32, of house number 6275 in Pamodzi township sued Chishala as the first defendant and Catherine, 24, of house number 1653 in the same township, as the second defendant for compensation for adultery.
Chishala admitted having a sexual relationship with Catherine and further told the court that she undressed and forced him to have sex with her on grounds that she had not had sex in a long time since her husband had been sick and was admitted to hospital.
“Your honour, she is the one who started this relationship. She kept on phoning me and pestering me about the need for us to have sex. So when I went to her room, she undressed herself in front of me and forced me to have sex saying that she hadn’t had sex in a long time as her husband was sick,” Chishala said.
He told the court that their relationship began in October 2013 when Catherine went and told him that she had been evicted from the house she and her husband had been renting due to non-payment of rentals and that he (Chishala) offered that Catherine stays in a room at his parent’s house.
Chishala said after Catherine moved in, she asked him if he could help fix a bulb in the room and that was when she undressed after which the two ended up having sex.
When asked by the court whether she knows Chishala, Catherine said he was her boyfriend and admitted having sex with him. She added that the two had sex for the first time in October and she even told her husband about it.
In his testimony, Nkandu told the court that he married Catherine in 2008 and the couple has two children together.
He said his wife only told him about the incident on April 15 this year after the two returned from church.
“Your honour, Chishala is my best friend. My wife only told me about their sexual relationship after I had preached the word of God to her one Sunday afternoon when we returned from church. I confronted both of them and they admitted having committed the sin,” Mr Nkandu added.
He submitted that it is sad that his best friend best could go to an extent of wanting to destroy his marriage and asked the court to help him reconcile with his wife as the two have children they needed to look after together.
Magistrates Muswema and Muke ordered Chishala to pay Nkandu K7, 000 as compensation for adultery in monthly installments of K500 with effect from June 5 this year.


Zambia Daily Mail



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  6. Dont blame the lady she was starving for it….. Enanu’tu atakupatsani mwawi ngati uwu sizoti mungakane shuuuuuua……… Thumb up lady

  7. Fixing a bulb also got me in trouble, but I liked it and I still fix bulbs kikikikiki lol

  8. planed move. they had no money to pay for the rental. hw he again beg the court to help him reconcile with his adulterous woman. All of them re foolish.

  9. She marely wanted light inside the dark room, may be the hubby didn’t want it that way koma wanzathu wakufuna adziona paliponse nanga si vopakapaka.

  10. You condemn the lady all of you why? A bike to move needs hub and some spokes to do its mobility, that best frend did just the rite thing to fix it. Chikomele mbuzi kugunda galu bwanji?