Widow sees sees coffin around her house after quarrel with in-laws

Criminal court
Criminal court

A 33-YEAR-OLD woman of Garden township stunned the Lusaka Boma Court when she narrated how she has been seeing strange images in her house following wrangles with her late husband’s relatives.
Esther Banda claimed she sees a coffin moving around her house and other unexplainable images.

Banda also told the court that the wrangles also extended to a woman who claimed to have been her husband’s first wife.
The images appear in the house she lived in with her late husband.
This was heard before Justices Mable Mwaba, Prudence Bwalya and Grace Kanta in a case in which Easter Banda sued Mwengwe Mutobo, an administrator and Sharon Mwansa, the first wife to her late husband for reconciliation over a house.
Banda said she has also been hearing knocks on her windows and doors yet when  she investigates, she finds no one knocking.
Banda further claimed that she also sees masked people threatening to attack her.
“I claim the blood of Jesus when I first saw the coffin moving along the corridor and the coffin disappeared. When I went to check on the children in their bedroom, I saw the coffin in the corner of the room and I again claimed the blood of Jesus and it disappeared,” she said.
Banda said she is not afraid of anything or even dying for the house which she built with her late husband.
She wondered why Mwansa, who claims to be the first wife to her late husband could start claiming the house she did not build at a time when the man was no more.
“Were you waiting for my husband to die before claiming for the house? I was married to him for 14 years and no one has ever claimed ownership to the house,” Banda said.
But in her statement Mwansa said she bought the plot with Banda’s late husband before he married Banda.
“I was legally married to your late husband in 1997 and problems started when he impregnated you, Banda. That was the reason I left my marriage,” she said.
Mwansa further told the court that at the time she left her husband, the couple had already done the slab.
“I want the court to help us over the matter. I want the children I had with Banda’s late husband to also benefit from the house.  As it is she is the only one benefitting,’’ she said.
However, Mutobo said his late brother married only once and that woman is Banda but had two children with Mwansa who was his girlfriend.
“He did not pay any dowry to Mwansa’s family,” he said.
Mutobo said Mwansa’s father is the one who instigated the wrangles surrounding his brother’s house when he claimed to the court that Mwansa was also married to his brother.
He claimed the court did not give him an opportunity to state the truth about his relationship with Mwansa.
“The court shockingly recognized Mwansa as a widow when she was not legally married to my brother. Worst still, she is demanding for the house to be sold,” Mutobo said.
The court adjourned the matter to enable witnesses testify over the relationship between Mwansa and Banda’s late husband.



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