Man 33 sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for stealing a goat

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Man 33 sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for stealing a goat

Siavonga, July 9, ZANIS………The Siavonga magistrate’s court has sentence a 33 year old man to 24 months imprisonment with hard labor for stealing a goat.

Before magistrate Bathlomeo Kaongo in court today was Simon Mwiinga a fisherman of Chionga village in Siavonga district who stood charged with one count of stock theft.

Facts before court were that on 21st June, 2013 Mwiinga did steal a goat valued at K 12O which belongs to Filly Malambo of the same village contrary to section 271 chapter 8 of the laws of Zambia.

The court heard that on said date in the morning, Malambo released his goats from the kraal to go for feeding in the bush and that letter around 14 hours Malambo received information from members of the public within the village that they had seen a man in the bush chasing the goats.

Malambo also received information that a man who looked exactly like Mwiinga was seen selling a goat.

It was also heard in the court that Malambo then quickly checked his goats and discovered one goat was missing.

Malambo therefore reported about the missing goat to the neighbourhood watch who followed up the matter and later arrested Mwiinga for questioning.

During the neighbourhood watch investigations, it was found that Mwiinga stole the goat and sold it to a Lusaka business man who was buying goats in the area.

Mwiiinga was then taken to Siavonga police where he was interviewed under warn and caution statement and gave a free and voluntary reply admitting the charge.

In mitigation Mwiinga asked for courts leniency saying he stole a goat by mistake because it resembled his goat.

When passing judgement Magistrate Kaongo said the convict was a first offender and by law he was entitled to leniency although the offence committed was serious and carries 3 years of imprisonment.

“I therefore sentence him to 24 months imprisonment with hard labour effect from the day of arrest” said magistrate Kaongo.