MTEF planning cycle Launched

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MTEF planning cycle Launched


Kapiri Mposhi, July 9, ZANIS – Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Beatrice Sikazwe has urged the newly aligned Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health to integrate the activities between the two merged Ministries of Community Development and Health in the district.


Ms. Sikazwe said the recent realignment of the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Community Development was aimed at improving health service delivery at the grassroots level.


The DC said this during the launch of the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health district 2014-2016 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) planning cycle at Mulungushi University today.


Ms. Sikazwe said the government was in the process of harmonizing the vision and mission for the new Ministry.


She said the planners should take cognizance of the fact that the two ministries had divergent activities and programs but that since their merger they should ensure that the newly re-aligned Ministry have harmonized plan of action with matching resources in future.


Ms. Sikazwe also urged the Ministry planners to take into account community health and health center action plans during the planning cycle.


“there might be situations where you are going to be biased in terms of planning because of lack of understanding on how and why these two ministries were merged my appeal is that you synchronize the plans and budgets between the two ministries so that you do not fail to implement programs under one ministry“, Ms. Sikazwe said.


Ms. Sikazwe has also urged the planners to consider Ngabwe District in their plans as government was still in the process of setting up administrative structures for the new district.

Ngabwe, which was part of Kapiri Mposhi district was recently given a District status by President Michael Sata.


Meanwhile, Ms. Sikazwe has commended the District Community Development Medical Office for its commitment to reducing the disease burden among the people in the area.


Ms. Sikazwe said that recently there have been improvements in the health indicators such as the incident of malaria and communicable diseases such as cholera in the district.

She noted Cholera outbreaks in prone areas have significantly reduced or not recorded at all due to the high impact interventions that the Ministry was planning for and implementing.


And District Community Development Medical Officer, Charles Mwinuna said the district 2014-2016 MTEF planning cycle would review the performance of the high impact interventions and later guide the health staff and community health centers in the planning process.