Former DC calls for concerted efforts in preserving Zambians rich culture

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Former Mpongwe District Commissioner Rasford Bulaya says there is need to put in place measures that will enable traditional ceremonies for small ethnic groups to be accorded  attention and recognition  as other larger ceremonies receive.


Mr. Bulaya said traditional ceremonies not only present an opportunity to pass on the culture of a given ethnic group to the next generation, but also play a major role in educating others about a tribe’s cultural heritage.


 Speaking in an interview to ZANIS in Lusaka today, the Former District Commissioner stated that all ethnic groups have unique traditions, which collectively form Zambia’s cultural heritage, which must be passed on to the next generation.


Mr. Bulaya noted that it is unfortunate that traditional ceremonies for many of the smaller tribes countrywide have died a natural death, while those that still exist are shunned by many.


He noted that this trend has resulted in youths belonging to these tribes hardly knowing anything about their culture.


Mr. Bulaya said it is for this reason that Chiefs in Mpongwe and surrounding areas have engaged government and the private sector in a bid to revive these ceremonies.


He commended government for its support towards achieving this goal, which he said is critical to the preservation of the Zambian rich culture.

Mr. Bulaya urged the private sector to come on board and support these ceremonies, as they contribute to the country’s rich cultural heritage.