Government complex has never been insured since its existence

Government complex Lusaka
Government complex Lusaka
Government complex Lusaka

THE sixteen storey commercial building comprising mainly office accommodation having approximately 12,500 square space, has not been insured since it became in existence.

During the tour by transport works and supply deputy minister Mwiimba Malama noted with sadness that a building as big as the government complex has not been insured for a very long time.

“It’s a shame that one of the biggest building government has not been ensured despite spending billions of dollars in the construction of the building, we can’t live with a building without any insurance ,we don’t want what happened to building society to happen to this building because it has taken time for government to rehabilitate that building,” Malama said.

And Hallmark property Anthony Kateule sited among many challenges they are facing in the building the delay by government offices to pay rentals which leads to poor maintenance of the building.

Kateule however requested that funds come directly from the ministry of finance if the building is to continue with its standards and for them to fix some of the problems in the building.

Among many floor of the building includes the sixteen floor of the building where occupants are facing challenges of a licking roof, fourth floor where the pensioners are occupying which has no ventilation, eleventh   floor where other rooms have no power in many offices leading to shortage of office spaces for will be clients and the ground floor where water accumulates during rainy season which may pause a danger to the building if not properly worked on.

However chief engineer in the buildings department Clive Khan had a hard time answering queries from the minister who questioned why the fourth floor has no windows, who explained that it was the plan that the room remains without ventilation.

The minister has further urged the occupants to maintain high quality and taking good care of the building, he also told the property manager not to heisted to reach his office if things are not moving according to stipulated time frame.