Homosexuals attempting to register their marriage should be arrested- Edgar Lungu

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On Saturday April 30th 2013 , four couples made up of four Zambian students and the men of foreign origin approached marriage registrar, Henry Kapata, trying to register their gay marriages but Mr Kapata sent them away.

The couples are Ritch Hemman, 64 and George Nsama, 26, Clive Reeves, 48, and Bruce Lianda, 22, Jones MacPherson, 36, and Sylvester Sichilima 30 and Humphrey Ray, 53 and Caleb Muswema, 34.

Mr Lungu said that the police should investigate the matter and establish the truth as Government does not support homosexuality.

“If the men are found to have committed any offense, action should be taken accordingly,” he said.

He said it is not for him to direct the police to pursue the gay men because the officers are competent enough to discharge their duties if an offense has been committed.

“It is a pity that foreigners have started bringing this thing to us now. We are on dangerous ground where people are bringing new things to us and we are watching.

“The police must do their work…same-sex marriages are not a normal thing and we do tolerate such,” he said.

The minister said Zambian law does not support same-sex marriages and it is shocking that some people can come out in the open and attempt to register an illegal practice.

Mr Lungu challenged the church and community to condemn same-sex marriages and not embrace alien practices.