Construction workers protest in Sinazongwe

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Construction workers protest in Sinazongwe

Sinazongwe Apr 5/13 ZANIS——-Malike Construction Company workers today stormed the Sinazongwe District Commissioner ‘s office demanding intervention over the delay in payment of their salaries.

The workers, who are constructing the Sinazongwe Day Secondary School, complained to the District Administration Officer, Sokoloko Daka, that the company has not paid them their salaries for two months and half.

One of the workers, Austen Simbwedele, told Mr Daka that the company has been promising to pay them their salaries but nothing has been done.

Mr Simbwedele lamented that their families have suffered a lot due to non payment of salaries by their employer.

But Malike Construction Company site manager, Jonas Mwansa, said the delay in paying the workers their salaries is because the Ministry of Education has not paid the company even after sending them claims since October, last year.

Mr Mwansa promised the workers that they will be paid one and half salaries by Monday next week while other salaries will be paid soon as the company receives funding from the Ministry of Education.

However, the District Administration Officer directed Mailke Construction company to pay the workers their two and half salaries and inform him when the salaries will be ready.

Mr Daka also noted that the company has no capacity to handle the project and that the rate at which the works are moving at Sinazongwe Day Secondary Schools disappointing.

He said the company is frustrating the workers and that it was good that the workers opted dialogue over the matter.