Chadiza defiler committed to high court for sentencing

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—A 20-year-old man has been committed to the high court for sentencing by the Chadiza magistrate’s court after he was found guilty of defiling a 12-year- old girl.

Before resident Magistrate Fabian Likulunga was Alickangel Phiri of Gunda Village of chief Mlolo’s area who was found guilty of defiling the 12-year-old Grade Fourth girl.

Facts before the court were that on February 5, this year, Phiri grabbed and dragged the minor who was returning from school into the bush where he had carnal knowledge of her.

Two girls who were also returning from school saw Phiri dragging the minor into the bush and they run home where they reported the incident to some elderly people who quickly rushed to see what was happening and they found Phiri who by then had finished having sex with the minor.

Phiri was then apprehended and taken to some elders in the village where he freely agreed to having had slept with the minor.

He was then taken to Chadiza police station where he was questioned and warned before being arrested.

And during cross examination by Public Prosecutor, Charles Sututu, Phiri freely gave in to the questions and admitted having committed the act.

And magistrate Likulunga said the evidence that was provided in court was enough to commit Phiri to the high court for sentencing.

And in mitigation Phiri pleaded for leniency, saying that he was looking after his 75-year-old grandmother who would suffer if he was sent to jail.

But magistrate Likulunga said cases of defilement were on the increase, adding that it was high time culprits were removed from society so that the girl child is protected.

Magistrate Likulunga then committed Phiri to the high court for sentencing.