Kafue MP’s in-law murdered in Livingstone


A 19-year-old brother-in-law of Kafue Member of Parliament, Obvious Mwaliteta, has been found dead along the Lusaka-Livingstone Road in what police believe could be foul play.
Both police and Mr Mwaliteta have identified the deceased as Johane Lyakoka who was found dead between 02: 00 hours and 04:00 hours with deep cuts on his entire body.
Southern Province Commissioner, Charity Katanga, who was also at the scene of the incident, said police suspect foul play judging from the way the body was found without shoes and clothes with deep cuts on his body.
Ms Katanga, however, added that the real cause of death will only be established once police and the health department conduct a post mortem on the body.
Ms Katanga also issued a strong warning to political parties to conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner, saying she will do everything possible to curb any crime to make Livingstone a crime and violence-free city.
“I want to warn all political parties that police will not sit idle to watch people commit crime or acts of violence but  will do everything possible to maintain the peace and tranquility in Livingstone,” said Ms Katanga.
And Mr Mwaliteta who could not avoid shedding tears, said he suspected foul play as the boy had deep cuts on his body suggesting that a machete could have been used in the act.
Mr Mwaliteta also said the incident could be connected to political violence as the boy spent a night with friends at the PF campaign camp and that the body was found about 100 meters away from the camp.
“I strongly suspect foul play in the death of this boy because he was found just about 100 metres away from our campaign camp in Nottie Broadie,’’ said Mr. Mwaliteta.
Mr Mwaliteta, who is also PF campaign manager for Livingstone by-election, said the boy was not even involved in politics and accused the suspects of trying to frustrate PF campaigns which have gained ground.
He also accused some opposition political parties of hiring youths from Lusaka and other parts of the country to cause violence in Livingstone ahead of the election set for February, 28.
“We are aware that some of our colleagues are using some tactics such as the ‘Mapatizya formula’ but if this is related to this incident then it is very unfortunate,” he said.
He appealed to all political parties to conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner and avoid ugly scenes of violence which characterized the last election where about two people lost their lives.
Mr Mwaliteta further said he has left everything in the hands of police to do a thorough investigation into the cause of death of his brother-in-law.
The body of the deceased is lying in the Batoka Hospital Mortuary awaiting post mortem.