Expatriate work permit renewal suspension to remain in force


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the suspension of the extension of conditional visas given to foreign expatriates still stands.

Mr. Kampyongo says the tendency by expatriates of coming up with excuses for not living up to the conditions that come with the issuance of visas has continued.

He says expatriates are given visas on condition that they have to train the local people so that they take over from them, but that some of them have not lived up to this and when their visas expire they give all sorts of excuses.

Mr. Kampyongo has stressed that the suspension will remain in force until the consultations with relevant stakeholders are done.

He says government wants to ensure that local people are trained in order for them to take over from the expatriates when their time is done.




  1. Am not a pfmmd fan but on this one i support the minister 100% we just have too many useless expatriates especially Boers from south africa,these guys are just bullies and not educated but come in Zambia with fake job titles.The mine sector is the most hit industry with these fake white south africans.You will find buyers,warehouse managers,technicians,operators,miners etc ati expatriates you mean these jobs cant be done by locals? I know we have plenty of zambians working in SA but they dont work as expatriates no they earn and pay taxes same as local south africans same should be done here those that are working here should be paid at the same rates as locals we dont need expatriates moreover expatriates from south africa! These guys where busy fighting when us our people where in schools wat can these Boers teach us racism i guess and sleeping around with our sisters who are so blinded by the white colur