BOSNIA and Herzegovina Chairman of Presidency, H.E Dr. Mladen Ivanić, has called for increased cooperation with Zambia as the two nations forge stronger relations.

H.E. Dr. Ivanić made the call when Zambia’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Mr. Humphrey Chibanda, presented his credntials at the  Building of the Presidency on 9th February, 2017 in Sarajevo.

Speaking earlier, Ambassador Chibanda, who was accompanied by his First Secretary of Education, Mr. Hendrix Kapaipi, observed that there was huge potential for Zambia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen their ties.

He cited tourism, technical co-operation and education for the youth as some of the areas in which the two countries could collaborate.

Ambassador Chibanda assured the Chairman of the Presidency of his the Zambian Government’s commitment to build on the friendship between the two countries.

The Chairman of the Presidency warmly welcomed the Ambassador and wished him success.  He informed him that Bosinia and Herzegovina was now enjoying stability after a period of conflict which had engulfed the nation.

After the presentation of credentials, H.E. Dr. Ivanić and Ambassdor Chibanda had a meeting during which they discussed issues of mutual interest for the two countries.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Presidency stressed the need for the two countries to do as much as possible to build their relations.  He highlighted tourism and cultural exchange as areas in which they could potentially co-operate. He assured the Ambassador that he could count on his support during his tour of duty.

Ambassador Chibanda recalled the long standing close relations between Zambia and the former Yugoslavia, of which  Bosnia and Herzegovina was a part and expressed optimism that the two countries could partner in building on this rich history. He noted that  there was a lot the two countries could do together .

After the meeting  with the Chairman of the Presidency, the Ambassador met with Dr. Bruno Bojić, President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dr. Bojić observed that while the levels of trade and economic activity between Zambia and Bosnia and Herzegovina was currently low there was need to come up with a clear  roadmap to improve the co-operation between the two countries.

He said the doors of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina were open and requested the Ambassador to convey this mesage to the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Bojić added that there would be need to organise a business forum and use it as a platform  to concretise areas in which the two countries could build their foreign trade exchange.

Ambassador Chibanda underlined that he did not want the meeting with Dr. Bojić to be just a mere visit but one that  would result in tangible results to steer the co-operation between the two countries to greater heights. He  informed Dr. Bojić  that Zambia is a mining country but had begun diversifying its economy to agriculture and tourism and underscored the huge potential in these and other areas.

The Ambassador further proposed that the two countries should work towards signing a Memorandum of Undestanding on the cooperation, an idea which he  warmly welcomed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries of extra accreditation for the Embassy of Zambia in Paris, where Ambassador Chibanda is resident. It is situated in South Eastern Europe with Sarajevo as the capital and largest city.

Today, the country has  high literacy levels and is one of the most frequently visited countries in the region.

The presentation of credentials by the Ambassador of Zambia is a positive step as it has opened  doors for enhancement of cooperation between Zambia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Issued by:

Hendrix Kapaipi

First Secretary -Education