GBM promises PF a shock of a lifetime

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwaba has promised the ruling PF a shock of its lifetime should a by-election be called in his constituency.
Mr. Mwamba, who has crossed the floor of Parliament by accepting the appointment to the position of UPND vice president for administration, believes it will be easy for him to defend the Parliamentary seat.

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He has told Qfm News in an interview that his belief is premised on the confidence that he has that the people of Kasama Central still have trust and faith in him.
Mr. Mwamba says people of his constituency are fully aware that he is a loyal servant of theirs who is not there to represent them with the view of enriching himself.

He notes that this fact was clearly demonstrated when he first stood and won the Parliamentary seat under the PF ticket at the time that the MMD was a very strong political party in government.
Mr. Mwamba thinks that this shows that he won the Kasama Central Parliamentary seat the first time not because of the ruling PF but because of himself.

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He says this is why even now he firmly believes that he will retain the Parliamentary seat even on the UPND ticket.
The Kasama Central Member of Parliament has also based his confidence of retaining the Parliamentary seat on the development that has taken place in his constituency in his time as its law maker.

He has referred to the tarring of most township roads, installation of traffic lights and the resuscitation of Kateshi Coffee Plantation as some the developments he has facilitated as area Member of Parliament.

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  1. The development gbm is talking about is under PF. So credit will go to pf govt and not u as an individual. Its like u’re taking abena kasama for a ride,u ll be shocked and yo money will go to waste. just resign so that we face u in october for a bye-election.

  2. Pipo should critically analyze politics 4 the past 10 years pf managed 2 deceive Zambians. no one could win in lusaka cb on any other party. 4 the first time pipo are voting on merit and not on party merit. GBM is very principled hes not in politics 4 survival like most politicians. Politics should not b viewed as license 2 riches. Zed wake up & don’t b cheated like kids that’s why voting has age restriction.

  3. In kabwata u floped and only managed to win under pf……talk is cheap ba mwamba let’s just wait