GBM’s tribal remarks; “Get out…mwenchushi..”

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba yesterday reportedly hurled tribal-laden invectives at Patriotic Front Mfuwe member of Parliament Mwimba Malama, sparking a near-punch-up at Parliament.

The Kasama MP threatened to beat up the Mfuwe MP and Chilubi MP (PF) Obvious Chisala, labelling them as people coming from small tribes which Bembas would finish politically.

The former Minister of Defence, who was appointed UPND vice-president in midweek and proclaimed that the party was not tribal, ‘fired’ at Mr Malama as he entered the restaurant during tea-break at about 10:30 hours.

Pointing at the Muchinga Province Minister, Mr Mwamba teased him, saying the suits he was wearing were because of him and that “I am coming into your constituency to finish you”.
He said Tabwas and Bisas are small tribes that cannot compete with Bembas. This forced Mr Malama and Mr Chisala to hit back, saying although Mr Mwamba was “fat like a bag of mealie meal”, he did not have the right and power to threaten and belittle others, especially on tribal lines.

Mr Mwamba gathered himself and charged at the two PF MPs, calling them poverty-stricken and that they would die poor.
“Get out…mwenchushi, mukafwa nobupina bwenu…get out…fumeni apa mwenchushi; loosely translated, “get out you poor people, you will die in poverty, get out of here”.

He also dragged late President Michael Sata’s name into the diatribe, saying, “why didn’t Sata appoint you as Defence minister?”
But the two MPs were unshaken as Mr Mwamba continued attacking them, bragging about his wealth.

Other MPs and security personnel stepped in to stop the fracas.
When the house resumed sitting after 11:00 hours, Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo (UPND) rose on a point of order saying that during break there was “a bad incident” involving Mr Malama and Mr Mwamba and could have “witnessed a serious fight in the restaurant. I need your ruling sir?”

But Speaker Patrick Matibini reserved ruling to a later date, saying he needed time to get more information on what transpired and study it.
“I reserve the ruling surrounding your point of order. I wasn’t there for me to make a ruling and I need to get information and study it before rendering my ruling on the matter,” Dr Matibini said.

On Wednesday, Mr Mwamba was appointed UPND vice-president in charge of administration but refused to relinquish his position as Kasama Central MP.
Meanwhile, JIMMY CHIBUYE reports that the Lusaka High Court has ordered for an inter-parte hearing in a case in which the Patriotic Front (PF) has sued Kasama Central member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba for refusing to resign from the PF despite joining an opposition party.

On Thursday, PF secretary general Davies Chama commenced fresh legal proceedings against Mr Mwamba’s continued stay in the ruling party despite accepting a position of vice-president for administration in the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mr Chama argued that the court should grant the PF an order of injunction restraining Mr Mwamba from attending parliament and holding himself out as PF Kasama Central MP until final determination of the matter.

But High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa yesterday ordered that the case should come up on July 31, this year to hear both Mr Chama and Mr Mwamba.
“Let this matter come up for an inter-parte hearing on July 31, 2015 at 09:00 hours,” Mr Justice Siavwapa said.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court registry on Thursday, Mr Chama said Mr Mwamba previously commenced legal proceedings challenging his expulsion from the PF but later abandoned it on Thursday.

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  1. is this news true? don’t know what to believe, cn GBM beat someon sure? Body ni mantion matobo ni pillow..

  2. Apa nomba tuleyina nga GBM!
    in good leaders we find peace free from trible talks.. but lo such leaders do not exist instead we have em stupid, reckless,senseless and foolish! #ZambiaLetsExplore

  3. I commend hon. Garry for raising on a point of order. In other words honorable garry wants his party to know if it was in order to hire a tribalist in gbm. I smell dissent among st top upnd leaders…..

  4. I thought hh had some brains until now how could he choose a mad man to be his vice instead of mutati a man with full brains

  5. GBM has potential to change and overhaul UPND to a better political party. Nxt year elections might be stiff with in place. Congrts 4 winning that big figure

  6. Lol Hh made a mistake with this man. More like zed donald trump. His behaviour shows he does not respect HH. I pity UPND

  7. Something wrong with GBM he thinks money can Buy everything. Thats his money and his Family. Thank God leadership and money rarely mix.

  8. thats gbm for you,,,and if upnd maintains him on that position for 12 months without having very severe bruises politically,,then i promise to vote for them in 2016.

  9. Y this tribal thing is now making headlines?if one talk about tribal thn is the one who is tribal