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bia by mitia on 6/25/13


ZAMBIA Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) director deneral Margaret Mudenda has said the tendering process for the naming of streets and numbering of houses in Livingstone has started.

Ms Mudenda said the tendering process for the street naming and house numbering project had started and it would be concluded any time soon.

She said once the tendering process was concluded, the project would immediately start to enable tourists and other guests locate various places in the city.

She was speaking in an interview in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel on the sidelines of the just ended 4th Steering Committee and Bureau of the Africa Union (AU) meeting for ministers responsible for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

“We already got the town plan from the Livingstone City Council and agreed on how the project should be rolled out. Some areas already had names for roads and homes hence the work on such places would be to seek ways of synchronising with the numbering system,” she said.

Ms Mudenda said Livingstone would have properly named streets and numbered houses before the co-hosting of the 20th session of the August 2013 United Nations World Tourism (UNWTO) General Assembly in the tourist capital.

Ms Mudenda said ZICTA had also embarked on a pilot project in Chief Mukuni’s area in Kazungula District where the authority had engaged headmen and different elders on the roll out of the programme.

“For us it is a long-term project because it is for the entire country. The project will still continue even after the UNWTO conference because it is a national agenda programme,” she said.

The project, which started in Lusaka, would later spread to other parts of the country targeting residential areas, centr